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  1. If we are to use mp3 convertor to convert out atrac files to mp3 format, and store them on a portable hard drive My question, how long will it take to convert 5000 music files form mp3 to oma Would the backup from sonic stage be quicker or slower
  2. On occassions I have to format my harddrive, and having backed up my sonic stage files on mp3 players, will I still be able to transfer them back to my c:drive so basicly will I still be able to have all my files checked by sony authentication servers, and how long will this abe available for
  3. Sony must have realised that they were going to be droping the sonicstage software, and the atrac format for sometime, 1 or 2 years I would have to think. The release of the new mp3 models, and mp3 conversion tool, would have been in planning stage for at least a year, all of this is based on where I work, the company have to plan what on sales for the next year, and what stock is to be sold If this is the case, surely we have a case, that they have allowed mp3 players whcih use atrac format, and if no firmware or even support for atrac, they have failed there customers. If everyone knew at the time when they released the NW-A808, that in a couple of months sony would be no longer using atrac but allow mp3 files and drag and drop, would anyone have bought them, and what would it have done to there sales
  4. Why dont sony just, let a third party deal with the sonicstage/atrac, and let them develop it further. If there is any potential in atrac let someone else advance it further
  5. If Atrac is being dropped all together, what about all the cd players, mini hi fi's which also use Atrac, will this mean there will be no more production of any atrac products
  6. You could use tubehunter to download from youtube
  7. unable to place this in software update, sonicstage 4.3 due for release mid feb, link included sonistage 4.3
  8. If anyone is interested, found this at Argos Sony 2.1 Cradle Audio System
  9. ARe sony flash mp3 players limited to a certain size, I have the 4gb, and it is great, but cant get all my cd collection on to it. so is 6GB, 8Gb, 10Gb possible
  10. I take it that there will be soon an up date for SonicStage CP, if you check sonystyle web site, the software for 1NW-S700F/S600 is listed as SonicStage CP 4.1
  11. How long does the battery in the Nw-A1000/3000 last, will it eventually die and how long before you have to consider getting a new battery, and how much will it cost . So when the battery is nearly dead, what are the options open to everyone, should I just buy a new player, I suppose if it works out cheaper thats what I will do If it is around £70 for new battery aqnd what ever labour, what do you do,
  12. I would like to see a function like to be able to select next 3 tracks of artist while in all tracks shuffle. Example artist: Inxs program would shuffle 3 Inxs tracks then shufle another artist. It does not need to apply to artis it could be album, letter song title, or genre. I would like to see something added to the hardware, away to recharge your player by solar panel. This could be at the back of the player, and could give you extra playing time, if you dont have access to power points.
  13. I have eurpean adapter, but I am looking for a portable recharger which would work by connecting to ordinary batteries
  14. joeseptuk

    NW-A1000 battery ?

    Going on holiday in July, probably going to use my Sony player on flight and while I wait in airport. At sometime the battery in the unit is going to run out, no where to recharge on airplane, does anyone know if there are any accesories, which can act as addtional battery. I sure I have seen one advertised for the NW-HD5, so is ther anything similar for the NW-A1000
  15. I would like to see an editing function with in sonic stage, where you could edit, mix various tracks, something like a dj mixing software. Currently I know of no software which allows you to mix atrac files, you seam to be limited to mp3 and similar music files, failing this it would be usefull if sony release a plugin which can be used with other software.
  16. Everytime I open SS CP 4.0, it is detecting song title with untitled or no year, then looking up internet for information. Have checked my library, and all files are accounted for, song title, year release. Anyone else having this problem
  17. joeseptuk

    Windows Warning

    I think there a right time for bootleg software, I used to have bootleg windows xp on my computer. Finances dictated that I bought pirate w-xp cd, only cost me £15, could not aford the full price £300 or what ever it costs. Now in full time employment have a new computer with w-xp Genuine software.# Microsoft have to reduce there prices for software if they realy want to combact bootlegers.
  18. Can anyone help me with this before, I format my hard drive, and re-install windows Xp. If I back up all my sonic stage music files to NW-HD5, then format Hard drive, after I have reinstalled windows. After transfering files backup on NW_HD5, and transfering them beack to computer, will the files work. I have a funny feeling this wont work, if it did, you could quite easily pass music around at work or with freinds.
  19. I have just recieved an auto update for sony
  20. Having just reconnect to conect to transfer cd to nwa1000, before transfer it began to update the artist link, dont know if this is part of the new software upadate?
  21. joeseptuk

    True capacity

    Right now here a break down of my 6Gb mp3 player: Omgaudio 5mb A-wm 125KB CONNECT 1.21MB Atrac file 1Gb just the one can also be 2Gb in size
  22. joeseptuk

    True capacity

    On transfering atrac files to NW-A1000, currently all the folders on my computer is of 4Gb in total. Now I have found out recently my Mp3 player, there are additional files which at the moment are taking up to 1GB of free space. This leave me 5Gb of space for Atrac files at 48kbps. I am assuming that these additonal files are of the following. Artist information Artist link Top 100 Playlist Intelligent shuffle I think if I knew othwer files would take up space, I would have opted for the 20 Gb Harddrive
  23. Has anyone on this board tested windows vista, how is it compared to othwer windows software. Does anyone know will sonicstage and connect be combatible with the new windows software. I am assuming it will, hope windows vista is a lot better than Xp.
  24. Any time I try to dividea track or combine, I am gettting the following message error 00006026. This has only happened after I have installed Connect palyer. Can anyone help.
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