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  1. I have been a user of minidiscs since I first purchased and used the MZ-R55. But lets' face the facts: Sony products have gone down in quality the last few years.Technology that uses rotating media and moving lasers is prone to breakdown.Flash memory is getting cheaper.It is time to start considering the real future of portable audio (including CDs and DVDs). Flash memory will soon be priced within the range of some the currently used media. (Anyone care to compare the price of a 1GB HI-MD disc with a 1GB SD card?) Give me portable audio playback and recording using SD cards instead of a disc-based solution and I can avoid the quality problems of Sony and minidiscs.
  2. You are right, I am a teacher, and every semester I collected all of the relevent data associated with the classes I taught (Grade Sheets, Syllabus, Exams) on a minidisc. I mostly carried the 600D unit around with me because I did not want to scratch up my newer, nicer RH10. Well, as it turns out, the 600D is still going strong, and the RH10 is flaking out. I suppose I could still use the RH10 but everytime I unwrapped a new minidisc, I would have to make the first initial recording using the 600D. After that, the RH10 reads and writes files just fine. Pretty strange huh? At this point though, I simply cannot trust minidisc technology for anything but music I have ripped from my CDs. This particular line of Sony products cannot be considered "safe" enough to store my data on. Bye-bye minidisc (for data anyway), and maybe bye-bye Sony altogether. Sony's products used to be the gold standard for portable audio, in quality and in features. No more though. Nobutoshi Kihara has left Sony, and so has product quality.
  3. I think I have narrowed down the problem. This only happens when I use the MZ-RH10. When I do the exact same procedure with my MZ-NH600D everything works fine. The disc can hold data and even if I then put the disc back into the Mz-RH10 I can add attitional files. It seems as if my RH10 unit wants to re-initialize any new, blank disc I put into it but if a disc has already been initialized with my 6000D then it will act ok. I cannot trust the RH10 for data use however. I see no way to adjust the settings in this unit. Thank you Hungerdunger and richyhu for you help, this forum has strong minidisc support. (one of the reasons I still like using the format)
  4. Using a MZ-NH600D and MZ-RH10 for a while now, primarily for music but I like to use them for data file usage as well. I like the idea of having inexpensive, portable data storage that is not common enough for an average person to access. Recently I have been having a very frustrating problem: Using Windows XP SP2, I will open up a new minidisc(usually 80 min version), pop it in my unit and connect it to my computer via a USB cable. Drag and drop file saving used to be no problem. Recently, whenever I unplug the unit and then reinsert the disc and replug the unit back into the computer I get a BLANKDISC notification on the unit and all my files are gone. This happens every time now and I have just about had it! Has anyone had this type of problem? Is it something I am doing? Should I go back to the old sonicstage software? I seem to remember an older version that had a "Data Format". I could be wrong though. I hate to stop using minidisc tech, but if I cannot solve this problem I am saying goodbye to minidisc (and Sony) for good! I am getting tired of playing their games! One of the reasons I still enjoy using Minidiscs is because of the great Minidisc community that has grown up around this technology. I am able to find solutions to many of my past issues by browsing this forum in the past. I have not found any answers so far. If anyone has any suggestions, I would be greatly appreciative! Thanks for any help.
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