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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you. BC or WA, my love for Vancouver just increased.
  2. I got my old MZ-RH1 out to check and find that the door will not open to allow insertion or removal of a minidisc. Of course it worked the last time I used it, about five years ago. Any ideas other than gelignite?
  3. Yes, it would be so cool if you could do it. The French have an expression, "If you could put Paris in a bottle . . . " That would be cool, too. Being "cool" and "possible" are not synonymous.
  4. I would say it is that damned mic. I have gotten excellent bass with an SP-CMC-4U which is an AT-853U capsule rigged to work as a stand-alone mic. It feeds and RH1, but I know it gets fine bass feeding an old MZ-N1 I have in SP mode. I have a SONY ECM-MS957 which actually feeds pretty good bass to the recorder, either one records it well. Cheers
  5. I find that MP3 files encoded with LAME at V2 sound pretty darned good. It is hard to tell them from uncompressed. So much so that to me it is a trivial difference. When I want ~8 hours of music on one CD: LAME V2. YMMV
  6. I have had flaky problems with computers when they are too hot. How hot is it? Have you installed any drivers recently that you did not have before? You will have to fill us in with much more info, like the whole error message!
  7. GF - Did she believe that line??? Cheers
  8. Bob, good point. Some of us think we are not well off until we look around. ;o)
  9. SD 722 + Schoeps CMC 64 boxed set for US market. Comes with clips, shields and I guess the box. I am skipping lunch for the rest of my life to pay for it. I found out what I am replacing my MZ-RH1 with.
  10. Dave - mics can cost up to the price of a small car. How much do you want to spend? You can buy a plenty good mic for ~US$200. Microphone Madness and Sound Professionals both offer good stereo mics in this price range, and less. There are adapters for XLR to mini-plug, too. The least compressed recording mode will offer the best sound. I would suggest Hi-SP. Cheers
  11. Color me weird: I don't even use the remote that came with the RH1. Too much bulk and hassle.
  12. 9 or 10. I tried both. I should have been coming in through line-in. It looks like the meter read what is happening at the amp stage so it is not neccessary to switch from one reading to another when the input is different. I am guessing. Verdaemte Reisfressers. LOL
  13. My laptop keeps its LiIon topped up all the time. When it drops even a smidgen the charger brings it right up. Maybe the laptop disconnects the battery when charged. I do not know. I would guess SONY would have a circuit to do that in the RH!. Best way to find out: write SONY. Cheers FWIW - My RH1 dims and then the lights turn off when it is hooked up to the charger. I guess SONY thought about this.
  14. I mistakenly plugged a set of mics with a battery box into mic-in and did not catch it until I was into the set. I had backed off the volume to what looked like a 10 - 12dB headroom. The files when examined in a audio editor show flat tops (brickwalling?) even though the meters show plenty of headroom for mic-in. I am guessing that the meters measure what is at the internal amp not what is at the pre-amp. The pre-amp seemingly overloaded, brickwalled and passed a clipped signal on to the internal amp. This is my guess. Maybe it was passing it to the ADC. At any rate, be warned. The meters may not always tell the whole truth. Cheers
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