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  1. I did first use the address found in the "Feedback" page and then click the red "update" button, above the news at the front page... But I only got following two error messages... <minidisc@amulation.com> (expanded from <md-webmaster@minidisc.org>): host amulation.com.s200a1.psmtp.com[] said: 550 No such user <minidisc@amulation.com> (expanded from <news@minidisc.org>): host amulation.com.s200b2.psmtp.com[] said: 550 No such user *** Following was my main message, but I did now cut away the detailed contact information at end...
  2. I sincerely hope they are VERY durable... But I did for safety sake buy some extra machines lately, mainly because they are anyhow ultra sheap here in Sweden and in hope they will last until I die... I did just pay about 60 euro for my last Sony MDS-JB730 and 40 euro for a Sony ND-GR810 *hehe*
  3. Very interesting, just wonder which ATRAC it has?!? And you have some portable MiniDisc recorders I drool after, the Sharp DR470 (that I couldn't afford when it was for sale) and the sexy Kenwood DMC-L7R, even if I have the sister model from Sharp in a delicate golden tone ;-)
  4. They are new and never used, 23 of them are still in cellophane and they are probably made in Europe... They have a nice black & dark grey "hi tech" design and the bottom half of the protective case, is slightly transparent frosty dark blue... OBS - The topside of the actual disc (when you open the shutter) look almost dusty (as tiny spots or a pattern, that actually is much smaller than normal dust) but it doesn't seem to affect the quality... I sell all for 60 euro PLUS the cost of transport, payed in advance... Otherwise will I sell them locally, here in Stockholm - Sweden - Norther
  5. I did just buy 120 used MD's and I discover that 10 of the FUJI was "very light blue, almost milky white" on the top side of the actual disc (when I open the shutter, to clean off dust) not the case!! When I breath on the milky wite, does it anyhow look metallic for a moment... The under side was almost black, as usual and the very elegant slighty transparent black "disc case" is made in Japan... The disc DOES seem to play perfect and it was possible to write new TOC when I deleted all tracks, but should I use this disc for any vital recordings?!? Is it any easy way to view the discs ERROR
  6. When I was young (from 1960 and so on) did my dad get finer jobs and we did also move to finer homes, about every half year... So I was changing school more than many times... I did soon learn that the most aggressive "leaders" wanted to "try out" newbies and I did learn to handle that, by walking away and not show any reactions, before I was 9 years old... But the worse aspect, was that it took almost half a year before I got some friends and got "rather accepted" in a new class... And we did normally move on then!! And when I finally come to a class (then 11 years old) where I would stay,
  7. You are missing that the 16.5GB mini disc are 8cm wide and NOT 6.3cm as MiniDisc's... Then do they also make BluRay disc's that mix two metal layers when you burn them and that version is extremely stable, but not rewritable... So MD is still the most stable (safe) rewritable format ;-)
  8. Did just cancel my order for a Sony MZ-RH1 because of this facts... My MD collection would take 45GB in WAV and I don't have that much space!! Okay, I did then find out a possible way around this... I can first copy some old MD to WAV before I hopefully could convert them to HiMD 352 if they then are possible to convert back to WAV or a better format for a future recording medium (when my last MD die) or at least to Atrac lossless that should be possible to convert later... But even that will take a lot of space from my portable hard drive and maybe even force me to buy a second hard drive..
  9. I see that I didn't explain why I use the MiniDisc system... 1) I almost never use my portable machine mobile and when I do is it with just one or two discs, so I don't really need to store more than 74 minutes on each disc... 2) Then don't I want to loose any sound quality from my original material (CD or vinyl) and I got that level of exact copies, from the 3 generation of Atrac... Type I could not hear any difference in a direct AB test, with my extremely analytic speakers... But I don't remember if I did use headphones?! 3) And I never download stolen music or want to buy music of wor
  10. My history of MiniDisc began before the first machine was realized... I follow the statements from Sony, that was a direct answer on Philips silly DCC system and imagine that MiniDisc might be the perfect way for me... In one of the first statement from Sony, did they confess that they still had 3 major innovation left to do, before they could realize a recorder and they did also declare that a MiniDisc recorder, need the same processor power as a normal PC at that time!! But they did manage that incredible objective and I was one of the first in Sweden who bought a MZ1 at the exceptional low
  11. Yes I second that, even if I would buy a "pro deck" at max 400 usd... I will actually buy a Sony mds-je530 after Christmas, that was almost never used, as a backup or replacement to my je500 for 50 usd ;-) Yes I know I can't play any HiMD on that one, but if my RH1 brake down and are too expensive to repair, can I anyhow play my current music collection.
  12. Thank you a lot, milomind... It was brave to answer what you did know, especially when nobody else did and when you wasn't very sure about most... I suppose that I have to find out the details myself ;-) But it was a great relief that you couldn't hear the difference, between an old MD recording and a converted HiMD SP recording!
  13. If I not get any answers on my questions above and some good advice, will I do like following, when I hopefully get my RH1 on Wednesday... That can also work as a start up guide for other new RH1 owners... * Read the manual... * Make digital copy of my "test" MD from RH1 to JE500 (my MD deck with generation 4 Atrac) * Compare RH1 and JE500 to see how play old MD best... * Install SS and download the latest version... * Upload old "test" disc (uncheck DRM) both as Wav and HiMD * Make HiMD LP and HiMD SP from both Wav and HiMD * Compare my old MD from JE500 to RH1 with the different HiMD recor
  14. Im still a bit confused... - Is the WAV way right even if I move old MD recordings to my notebook, to both make backups and convert them to new HiMD SP recordings on 1GB discs???? -- Following the method described in the thread richyu posted, you will have OMA files without DRM, so you can freely copy them to any computer/storage medium without fear of losing the rights to the tracks (which happens if the DRM is not taken off using the aforementioned method). - So I should convert my old tracks directly to HiMD and then save them on my notebook with DRM unshecked, instead of go the ex
  15. Thank for the link, but that page did not answer any of my questions... Or the other promising threads I read, sorry! I might naturally be able to find out, when I get my machine... But it would be a great help, if someone did know the answers and I don't have to do some fatal mistake, on the way! Merry Christmas and a happy new year, by the way!
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