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  1. Yes I do exist, check your PM's!! Bobt. otherwise for quicker response use jjsteeleuk AT Yahoo DOTTY Com Steele
  2. Hi guys, Got an interesting setup for sale. Its made up of 2 parts; 1) Connects2 Sony usb adaptor. This unit adds a usb connection to your Sony headset (car), this is through the usual cd changer socket on the back of the headunit. This unit has a cd changer input and a usb input socket which you can connect any usb drive/ memory stick (even a low powered harddisk in external case). The unit automatically scans a connected device and allows you to play music through the headset, AND it supports tags and displays track, artist, album info on your Sony car headset. Link1 Link2 2) A sony adaptor as per here, this connects to the cd changer input socket on the connects2 usb unit and allows playback from your Sony mp3 player (see other thread for full details). Looking for £75 for both units or £50 for the usb adaptor only inc P&P (UK) £80 for both units or £55 for the usb adaptor only inc P&P (International) Paypal prefered or bank transfer Steele
  3. Got a few more of these babies for sale, will be going onto ebay next week or £25inc P&P UK £30inc P&P International via paypal, recorded delivery included for anyone not wishing to bid! Steele
  4. Have my final lead for sale http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...em=330101484451 Same price as normal £20 + (£5 P&P uk) or (£7.50 P&P Worldwide) steeleuk
  5. Selling one of my NWA3000 mp3 players, as a spare had little use Sony NW-A3000 20Gb Walkman Black As new condition (Not a mark!!) Boxed with all original items CKS-NWA3000 Case (Black) BCRNWU1 Charging Cradle (fits NW-A3000, A1200, A1000) RMNWS1 Remote control (fits NW-A3000, A1200, A1000) Everything comes with original packaging, the player was brought back in June last year (can include original reciept from John Lewis) and had little use hence the as new condition. Battery is excellent and holds a very long charge (as when brought). All Sony products Will include a car adapter for sony Headunit as well making this lot a bargin, no offers! Asking £150 inc P&P (This may seem steep but all parts are not cheap!) Steeleuk
  6. Another 2 are now on ebay, same price. The others sold out already Link Sorry can't get the cables separate Steele
  7. Got 3 units for sale on ebay if anyone is interested, Item number: 330090106924. Otherwise pm me Steeleuk
  8. Got 3 units for sale on ebay if anyone is interested, Item number: 330090106924. Steeleuk
  9. To answer your question, yes the firmware has been upgraded on these units, this makes them fully compatiable with the nw-a series of players. What else I don't know. If you contact connects2 and let them know what your after and the model you have with your current firmware (normally the serial on the sticker), they should beable to tell you if you require an upgrade, this does mean that you have to send it to them, its not something you can do yourself. Regards Steele
  10. connects2 SONWHD001 /SONY AHD-D001 Lead This has the most upto date firmware from Connects2 so works with all sony HDD's NW-A and NW-HD series. It displays artist, track, album and allows the normal fuctions such as seraching The lead allows the connection of any Sony Walkman AHDD001 / SONWHD001 • HDD interface • To connect any Sony network HDD Walkman to any Sony headunit with Changer control • HDD control and display information through car radio • Plug and Play Made by Connects2 and were mentioned here http://www.atraclife.com/2006/01/06/connec...ces-2006-day-2/ £25inc P&P (These retail for around £50!!) UK £30inc P&P International Steeleuk
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