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  1. I have a Yamaha MD 8 multi-track recorder. I have recorded and mixed down onto a MD deck (Sony JE530) so I now have finished masters on mini disc. How do I transfer these to CD? Would HHB or similar burner do the job? I know I've gone the long way round, but that's the story of my life...
  2. Ok so I'm old fashioned. Really old fashioned. But I like it that way. I once had a cassette multi track: adding effects whilst recording was a cinch. Then I bought this truly wonderful MD8. But when it comes to this 'effects' part, can I understand the manual? Consequently, effect(s) has to be added at mixdown, which as you can imagine, kind of limits the end sound. I mean, only one effect can be applied.... Mind you, I subsequently achieve a good dry sound, no fear of echo-swamp here. But I would like someone to translate the part of this manual, the 'Adding Effects While recording' into a more user-friendly langauge. Can anyone help me?
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