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  1. thanks mdx-400. it seems like it is a minidisc manufacturer issue. my pre-recorded mini's work fine as do both sony mdw80pl's and the maxells i have. the few memorex ones i have are the ones that end up getting snagged. i guess the tolerances are slightly different. (?) best, jon
  2. hello, i recently purchased a new old stock, sony mds-501 player and have run into a snag. while everything thing seems to work fine (disc is accepted and plays through all tracks) when i go to take out an ejected disc, the disc shutter is getting hung up on a spring loaded arm the looks like it is designed to apply tension to the side of the disc, as it is initially accepted into the carriage. i downloaded the service manual and while there is a drawing detailing this tensioned arm, there doesn't appear to be any specific info on a fix for this. has anyone encountered this before or would anyone know of a solution? i've enclosed a pdf file detailing the part (listed under no. 162 "not supplied") thanks in advance for your help. jon *just noticed something, i have two different mini discs, one with a metal shutter and one with a plastic shutter. the plastic shutter md's can be removed while the metal shutter ones get hung up on this lever arm. has anyone encountered this before? MDS501_pg_93.pdf
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