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  1. Hey everyone, Long time MD user, first time poster. I am considering getting a Sony MZ-RH1 recorder. It would be solely for the purpose of copying my 74 and 80 minute discs off onto my Windows PC. They are all recorded in SP mode or LP2 mode. They are all microphone recorded discs. This would be my first Sony unit. My others are Sharp 722, and Sharp 770. I would like to know if the users here have had any trouble transferring recordings to PC? Is it correct that with standard MDs it is not necessary to close the write-protect tab (thereby making the disc writable)? Does SonicStage make any changes to the data on the disc? Have any of you ever had a previously recorded recording on a disc ruined or made unreadable by SonicStage or the RH1? "mediageek" stated in his review on epinions... Have other Windows users had this problem? Can this problem be overcome by unhooking and rehooking the cable, or by rebooting? Has there ever been a disc that you could not get to transfer from MD to PC? Thanks for your help! This post was both hardware and software related, so I was not sure where to post it. Sorry if it should have been in the software subforum. Malatesta
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