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  1. Thanks. Microphone Madness did reply to my second email finally. So I guess they're still around. (I didn't want to call because I don't like to pay IDD rates.) Thanks for the tips on the recording and soundcard. I'm not really an audio person and I don't really understand how audacity works, so I uninstalled it. Will make more of an attempt this time. Thanks joanne
  2. Sorry to crash, but since you're talking about the battery module, I've got a question. The Battery modules only mention not overloading the mic-in amp for loud sounds and it also increases the dynamic range correct? So will it help with soft volumes if you wanted to use a mic on line-in? Thanks joanne
  3. Hi My friend is lending me an old MD soon (I don't know what model) and I hope to be starting some field recordings soon. (I'm not even sure if I can get MD discs!) I believe the unit has a line out, but I'm thinking that because I have to transfer it by wire that the sound card will be digitizing/interpreting the sound. If I don't have a great sound card, how will this compromise the recording quality? I intend to get the Sound Professionals in-ear binaurals and the Microphone Madness Miniature Battery Module. However, I've sent off an e-mail from Microphone Madness about three days ago and haven't received a response. I just sent another just in case they didn't receive their mail. But I'm wondering if anyone here has bought from them recently and if it's okay to buy stuff from them even if they don't get to e-mail. When I searched online for a review, I only found one from a very unhappy buyer who claimed his item was damaged. So if anyone has dealt with them recently, it would be good to know. (Sorry if I've posted this in the wrong section.) Thanks for your help. joanne
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