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  1. Unfortunately I dont know where the power cord is for it so I do use a AA battery when I transfer. I will try the file conversaion tool and if it continues to happen I suppose I will just have to source a power cord for the mz-s1. Anyone have an extra mz-s1 power cord?
  2. So after having moved to my netbook for transferring since it seems to run better on xp, the issue I am experiencing now is it will try to transfer songs (first it converts them) and it will just randomly remove the songs in the transfer box and not transfer anything over. After this happens the usb driver goes corrupt and the computer can't detect the minidisc player. It is just issue after issue, and while I am obsessed with the sound quality of mini discs ... I am getting tired of this crap.
  3. yah the psu seems great, runs solid, I have a psu tester and it passes with flying colors.
  4. Not an old machine at all, I built it a couple years ago. BUT, how would I go about checking what you are talking about?
  5. no external drives currently plugged in, I own one but when the issue has happened, no, no external drive. keyboard plugs in with the old keyboard port. I like the old school ibm keyboards and those use the old port, not usb.
  6. hmm what's funny is that lately when the computer restarts, the mouse doesn't work. And the mouse is wireless but has a usb wire for the transmitter. hmmmm I am using a good energizer battery, i always keep as much off in terms of services on windows as possible. The only thing I have hooked up usb is the mouse. Lemme see if I can find a different mouse that uses the old mouse port rather than usb. I will get back to you Thanks!
  7. scratch that again, four full discs were a success, then irql not less than equal happened again. I rebooted and tried to run in administrator mode and it crashed after deleting one song right off the bat, so it seems just opening it runs better than right clicking and choosing admin mode. with that said, is there any info I can pull from the event viewer or something that may be able to help figure out what the heck the issue is?
  8. I did a system restore to 10 days ago. The driver was then installed correctly again. Then I disabled windows update since there had been 3 updates since the driver had been working properly. I then moved the conversion/download files folder to c:/music and voila, have already filled 4 mini discs without a shut down and just ordered 20 mini discs off ebay. woot woot thanks so much man, I would have been screwed without you. one other question, do you think minidiscs will always be available? like the discs themselves? if they are going to become really scarce I may just sack up and buy 100 or so for myself. Thanks again!
  9. As I was going through the steps, when I choose to install the unknown device with the drivers from this forum, it fails, I downloaded the 32 bit driver for all versions of windows, that is the right one yes? Also I only removed inf files that had sony or netmd located in them uac is off haven't touched anything to do with dep The md used to install fine on this machine with this OS (windows 7 32 bit) then when I plugged it in one day it didn't recognize it anymore and from that point on it won't work or take any drivers. Should I check to see if windows has done any updates and if it has do a system restore?
  10. OUCH MAN! insult ... lol jk :-p nah I have 32 bit, positive. With that said, any advice on what to do next?
  11. I followed your instructions. All inf's deleted that contained sony and netmd, all devices in device manager removed. Downloaded the 32 bit all windows driver. Extracted to desktop, disabled windows updates, rebooted, went to device manger, plugged in the md player. Windows detected net md walkman with a yellow exclamation point. I chose update drivers and browsed to the folder I extracted from the file on the forum. It did it's thing, asked me if I was sure I wanted to install it since it wasn't authorized or whatever by windows, I accepted, then it said it installed but with errors and it switched from net md walkman to unknown device with a yellow exclamation point.
  12. I found another thread and it said to remove all .inf files that consist of sony or netmd in the file. I did that, I uninstalled the exclamation point netmd in device manager, and all sony stuff under usb etc with hidden devices enabled. I reboot and try to install and it won't install now. Normally windows would search and find a driver and it would work fine, now windows keeps saying it can't find a driver. WHAT THE HECK GIVES?!?!
  13. UGGHHH well before I can try that, now everytime I restart my computer it seems as though windows forgets what drivers it was using for my mz-s1. Whenever I reboot or shutdown and turn back on its a big game with the drivers. Used to turn on and off fine and windows always recognized it fine. I did do those 2 registry tweaks in the environmental variables settings because I thought it would work but then I realized it was for a different model. Would that have any effect on this? I tried using the drivers from the forum and I still get the yellow caution symbol next to netmd in the device manager. If I uninstall and then try to use windows update it does the same thing, before it used to search windows update and find the netmd driver perfectly, now it won't. Any help with that?
  14. having issues again. I have options set for all converted files etc to save on the desktop in a folder instead of where sonicstage defaults. I tried uninstalling and removing all drivers then installing the driver from the forum for netmd 32 bit, no dice, I still get the irql not less than or equal whatever blue screen randomly while I either send music to the MD or delete music from an MD. Other things I can try? Thanks guys for the help! John
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