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  1. They are called MDR-D333F for some reason, but I guess it is because they can also be used as a headset for Sony Ericsson phones. They cost $4 more than the D333LWs because of this extra feature, but they still have a regular jack so you can still use them like normal phones. Anyways, even if the SE compatibility feture is worthless to you, evn with the four dollar premium, its good for those people (like me) who have held off on these because they did not come in black like the old D66. http://www.audiocubes.com/category/Headpho...Headphones.html
  2. So, allegedlly Microsoft will roll out Internet Explorer 7 to Microsoft/Windows Update beginning tommorow (Nov. 1st). Now although it was released a couple of weeks ago I decided to wait till it is out on Microsoft Update to download it. But, before I go ahead and take the plunge on this, if I am running a fully patched Windows XP SP2 with SonicStage CP 4.0, since I know SS is dependant on Internet Explorer for some things, does updrading to Internet Explorer 7 break SonicStage CP in anyway? Has anyone in the same cirumstance as me with XP SP2 and SS CP 4.0 installed the official FINAL version of IE7 and seen the results upon SonicStage CP? Thanks,
  3. Does the S700 features support the intelligent features (artist link, etc...) like the A series? What's the point of Sony adding those featuers into SonicStage 4 and up if no future players will support it?
  4. I don't think you will have to worry about this because no firmware updates exist for the NW-E307 in the first place:D I am not even sure if the NW-E3xx series even uses EEPROM which is required in order to have updatable firmware.
  5. Title says it all. Because of the fact that 2.01 hasn't been distrbuted outside of Japan is it because it is possible that they may release 3.00 for the NW-A600 series that will include AAC support?
  6. finalcoolman

    Timer in E-507

    It's beyond hard, in fact it is impossible since no one has the source code.
  7. Ya, this is working out better than I thought. LocationFree TV on my iBook, whoo! Now on this link: http://www.macworld.com/news/2006/04/25/lo...nfree/index.php it says it will be "unvieled in the middle of May". What does that mean? Does it mean released or just shown off at some press event? Thanks,
  8. Ok, well I brought it and I can confirm that it indeed funtions as a normal 802.11a/b/g access point. In fact I'm typng this now on my Apple iBook and via the iBook's Airport Extreme wirelessly connected to the LF-PK1, which is connected by ethernet to my wired Linksys BEFSX41 router. As for encryption I set it up to use WPA with a 64 character hexadecimal key. Damn, I just wish now Sony makes a LocationFree client for the Mac and it would be so cool! But ya it feels good killing two birds with one stone. I now have regular wi-fi for my laptop and my PSP and can watch cable TV with my PSP.
  9. SonyStyle Canada isn't "out of stock". When they are out of stock it becomes "next in-line" meaning they accept orders while it is back ordered, it is never taken off the site. They never remove something from the site when it is just out of stock. When something is removed it means it has been sold out on SonyStyle and DISCONTINUED by Sony Canada.
  10. It seems it has been quietly dropped. No longer available on: http://www.sonystyle.ca/
  11. Just wondering, cause right now I need a wireless access point but I am thinking if I could kill two birds with one stone. If I buy the Location Free base station LF-PK1 and connect it to my Linksys wired router and a cable outlet, will it serve as for streaming my cable TV AS WELL as working like a regular 802.11g wireless access point so I can surf the net on my PSP browser or my Apple iBook while I am at home? Thanks,
  12. First off if you want the remote in a black colour, you do not need to go third party to do so. You can get a Sony PSP remote in black, unsure of avalability in stores outside of Japan but can be ordered from sites like Lik-Sang. Model number is PSP-140B: http://www.playstation.jp/products/peripheral/psp.html Then there is the third party remote from Griffin, that company that makes Apple accessories. Very similar idea to those MD radio remotes. Basicly adds FM tuning capability, which is cool, but would still rather have an official Sony remote that does this instead. It's called the iFM PSP: http://www.griffintechnology.com/products/ifmpsp/index.php
  13. It says three models. There is the 6GB A1000 and the 20GB A3000. Whats the third model? Could it be the 8GB A1200? That would be cool.
  14. Ya, they are just MDR-E931SP with colour coordination. These are the BEST supplied headphones I've ever seen AS LONG as you have the foam covers. If you don't have the foam covers they suck. There is a Sony parts distributor near me and I got 10 pairs from them, but they are also supplied with stand alone Sony earbuds. P.S. I still can't understand why Sony isn't supplying the covers which cost them less than 1 cent to make with all their bundled headphones nowadays.
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