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  1. I haven't used my NH-1 in NetMD mode, so I can't speak to it. I guess I was just curious as to if there were any ways differentiate normal functioning and impending mechanical failure, as I've had two MZ-R70's die on me in the past. Anyway, it's good to hear what other people have noticed with their own units. Thanks, Evan
  2. Hi, I was wondering what people's experiences with the RH-1, and what it sounds like when functioning normally. My unit seems to be reasonably quiet when recording, but when trying to access a 80-minute, Hi-MD formatted disc via USB, it seems vary, from fairly quiet and slightly buzzy, to louder and almost rattly. It doesn't seem to be as noisy when accessing a 1 GB Hi-MD disc. What's your experiences with this? When should I be worried? I'll try post audio samples of it soon. Thanks, Evan
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