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  1. I am going to transcode some now to see what they sound like
  2. Not fakes Bought Duty Free at Brisbane Airport. Nice headphones, I think they were clearance items. Back on topic. I wish to steer clear of iPods. Why? I am sick of being limited to the 2gb or 4gb. I want to be able to expand when needed. Hence, minidisc The RH1 seems like its the one that I need. $400 AUD, expensive, but may be worth it. Any other ideas?
  3. Hi there. I'm Girvo, and I live in Australia Now, I am considering replacing my ageing iPod Mini withs its 4gb HDD, to a Hi-MD player. I might be using it for recording as well, as it seems like an excellent feature. One of the main things the player MUST do is play MP3s without having to worry about transcoding. One of the reasons I want to move to MD is that the sound quality of my mini is terrible, even with $70 Seinhousser headphones :S Okay, so in summary, it needs to be able to play MP3's. It needs to be fairly cheap. It s preferable if it looks cool too Thanks in advance! -Girvo
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