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  1. I'd like to be the first to sale: Well done Sony! It looked as if they weren't going to bring anything other than 16GB model to Europe, but glad that the 64GB is heading our way. Now just to decide between white or black....
  2. Recently i've noticed that some songs that i've transfered to my A808 don't play at all. When i check the tracks with the device connected to the PC it just skips the track i'm having problems with and plays the next one. When I went to play the track from the PC hard drive in Sonicstage itself, the song sounds as if its the lowest quality mp3 you can get and its pretty distorted. But if I play the same song through Winamp, its totally fine and good quality Has anyone had troubles like this before and if so do they know how to fix it?
  3. Well they have the A846 manual on the UK website, so we might be getting the 32GB version. Thats mildly better
  4. To borrow an Internet Meme: FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU...... Seriously, what reasoning is there in not bring over the higher capacity models? They went to the trouble to translate the 16GB Walkman software for Europe, surely the software can just be copied over to the larger memory and sold? Seems like Sony goes out of there way sometimes to annoy its consumer base *holds self back from ranting about their Vaio's and lack of support for Windows 7 on older models*
  5. How much did you pay for your A847 if you don't mind me asking? I've been using the A808 since it came out so very familiar with it, so its starting to sound better and better
  6. Hmm...Interesting this is. Think they're just trying to eek out the X series for as long as possible before releasing the A84x? As thats what everyone will buy once it appears
  7. Anyone know where you "Could" possibly import these from? Like a supplier (Possibly not Sony themselves as they would charge an arm a leg and a few teeth) After a while you get used to the menus even if they were in Japanese EDIT: Oh and Thank you LG1 for the pics of the Black one
  8. *Drool* That does look gorgeous, though would like to see those sorta pics of the Purple and Black versions. See which one looks the best (All 3 look brill in the standard photos floating about) Come on Sony, bring it over to UK. We'll give you beer!
  9. Maybe its just me being hopeful, but all those titles are in english. Wouldn't that mean an English language version is avaliable? (Or going to be)
  10. I'm getting that exact same problem, rebooted my pc, went to add some new songs onto my walkman and bang the thing doesn't let me. I need to convert every single file inot a different format and then transfer it. I don't understand what you mean atown, do you mean leave it sitting on idel for about half an hour? Please, any help would be appreciated
  11. I do see what Ralle is saying. On my NW, you could create folders that held the music files, so it was a Drag and Drop way. Now the S series doesn't allow you to do that. And i liked the old system. Just found out today when i got my New S706F (Only real disappointment in my opinion)
  12. Would you recommend getting this model over keeping the slightly older NW E507 (as i have noise canceling headphones, but are too bulky to actually walk around with) 4 gigs does sound nice, and it really looks good
  13. DanteSS3

    NW-Exxx Volume Hack

    Yeah, half my friends have their Ipods (I haven't seen one with a walkman) up at levels that i can hear quite a distance away. Usually my walkman never goes above the 14 mark, which is usually when i'm outside walking. This generation might grow up to be deaf in their early 30's if we listen to music at full blast ^^;
  14. Ehh i don't think so...but i'm not sure about what bit your talking about What i have noticed is where the mirror finish joins up to the silver finish, there seems to be a ragged ness to it which i don't remember when i first bought it, could be dirt but i'm not sure. Other than that it is working fine now with about 400 songs
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