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  1. I can't seem to find Hi-MD units or any MD units anywhere. Even the internet stores are out of stock, esp the RH910. Has Sony completely stopped making minidisc? I can't believe people...they are so dumb buying into the Ipod and Ipod clone garbage. Ipods dont have a replacable battery. There's no audio input. It's linked to a bunch of progs that take up memory and are infelxible. People seem to have no problem trading their rights away when it comes to recording! I'm just glad my MD units are still working great, and I dont have to buy a new one. If I did I'd be SOL, because you cant find them ANYWHERE. Yeah they are on eBay but you know you'll be getting ripped there as the price of discontinued items can soar high. I was thinking of getting into Hi-MD....I guess it's too late now. I hate Steve Jobs and Apple for brainwashing people into avoiding such a good thing.
  2. Yeah I tried that, no scratches or dirt. That was only with the cheap Memorex discs I got, they were different colors like the Sony, but did not come in individual cases, instead they were 5 to a case. They were cheaper than the Sonys, and I figured they'd be of decent quality, but boy was I wrong! The SONY discs have had few problems OTOH. Most of the discs are over 3 years old and have had few problems, with the one exception. Memorex has always given me trouble, from back when their cassette tapes jammed, often on the first recording. The memorex discs came in a package like this, except they were different colors: The Sony ones I use came in a package like this:
  3. I have a blue Sony minidisc that I got in the color packages, it has been re-recorded numerous times (could be 100). Anyway it skips and drops out roughly 10 minutes in, and then stops cold. I erased it and tried again with the same problem. It's the first Sony disc that wore out, the Memorex ones wore out fast, after 10 or so recordings. I just wonder if anyone else has "worn out" a minidisc.
  4. The other day I tried making a recording on my MZ-NF610. It was outside and it was cold (I was recording a radio station using the audio input), with a temp around 32F. I only got about 5 minutes before the recording stopped with a Lo Batt indicator. The weird thing was the battery strength indicator said the battery had a full charge. I was using an alkaline battery. I was wondeirng if I used my NiMH AA rechargable if I would have had any better luck. I know NiMH does alot better in my camera in the cold, whereas alkalines are pretty much useless. Playback isn't a problem in the cold, but recording uses alot more power.
  5. I think I said what I have been getting is a "generic" Boostaroo, it is from Radio Shack. Perhaps name brand Boostaroo units are of better quality? There really isn't much of a price difference, the only reason I got the Radio Shack one is it isn't carried in any stores, and if I had to order online I'd have to pay for shipping. I'd rather fix it myself, actually I'd like to put a jack in there if possible, though I never used a soldering iron before. I don't know how the cable got broken, I just carry it around in my bag alot, I certainly think I take good care of it alot, I haven't dropped it or pulled on the wire. But I use it almost everyday. The wire break is at the coil before the 1/8'' jack that goes into the headphone output. Anyway, thanks for your help! I'd rather stick with the Boostaroo "model" is it is plenty of power for me, and it takes "AA" instead of 9V. Also since I have NiMH AA batteries I prefer using the rechargables, which work well with it. The cMoy and it's 9V battery are a pain, and I haven't seen 9v rechargables.
  6. For the past couple of years I've gone between using my cMoy amp or a generic "boostaroo" unit that I got from Radio Shack. The problem with the "boostaroo" is that I've had wire breaks, I am now on the 3rd unit. At $25 each, it's certainly not made well, considering I usually get about 6 months out of it before the sound cuts out because of a wire break. The 90 day warranety doesn't help me then, however it did happen within 90 day once, and I did get a free replacement. I like the "boostaroo" unit because it is small and uses only 2 "AA" batteries which seem to last forever. The boost is sufficient enough to drive my Sennheiser headphones. I am not thrilled with the cMoy I had built from a guy named "Zman". It was several years ago at least since I got it. I don't use it much because it gobbles 9 volt batteries, which are expensive, and the unit takes 2 of them. Also I have sound drop outs due to a lousy soldering job and I constantly have to open the case to fix it. I generally get about 10 hours of play from it before the batteries get weak and the sound fizzles. If the "boostaroo" was made with a removable cable (a jack, like the cMoy) then the wire breaks wouldn't be an issue. But I guess then they wouldn't make money then. I dont know why the cMoy battery life is so bad, I usually have the volume knob set low, only about 1/3 of the way or less. Does it sound like I have a defective cMoy? All I know is I'm not at all happy that I'm gonna have to spend either another $25 on a boostaroo or $40 on a cMoy. I know I can build it myself but I dont have many tools (soldering iron,etc). I'd just like an amp that would take AA batteries (9 volts are expensive, usually $5 each for an alkaline) and would last. A boostaroo unit with a jack instead of attached wire would be great. I wonder if anyone tried modding a boostaroo to have a jack instead. This time I'd just like an amp that will not give me any probs. I'd get another cMoy if it was built right, used one 9V instead of 2, and got more like 30 hours battery life.
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