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  1. Hi All. Thanks for all the advice on this excellent forum. I have a sony mds je510 minidisc recorder. I used it last weekend to record a live gig my band had done. I didnt notice at the time that it was set to record in mono. Also the sound engineer pulled the plug out before stopping the recording and the toc file hadnt updated. I didnt realise this at the time and before i switched it back on i had put the unit back into stereo record mode. The toc file was then updated when i powered the machine back up. The problem i now have is that because it was recorded in mono it doubles the record length and when i try and play it back it plays it back twice the speed. Could this have been caused by the toc file being updated whilst in stereo record mode and not mono mode. The way i see it is the disc is being read and the toc file is telling the machine the disc is recorded in stereo and as a result it plays it back at the speed it would for stereo mode. If the above is correct is there a way of editing the toc file to tell the machine what speed to play the disc back in. I really hope i can rescue this dis as it was a very important show for us. if this is not possible do you know of any company that can rescue the audio data for me. Many thanks. jason edwards
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