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  1. Bump! Surely with all these 10,000's of users, someone can help. Please!
  2. Yes I know but needs to be done. It was not my choice to get into Service mode! Ideas please. I have emailed Sony but no reply yet.
  3. Here we go: I can get adj OK after the 7xx adjustments. When doing the Assy11 CD RUN, I get 324 NG 00 stuck. It won't go past that. I know the buttons are assigned as that works. Need to get past 324 then. Also, Set CD appears when I press pause when in Assy11 mode too. Help!
  4. Bump bump bump! This is urgent. It will recognise all the buttons when I press T Mark so all OK there. Will try again later and post what happens and the 'error' code I get.
  5. Nope. It was working a little while ago. When resetting, it will get stuck on 'option' 324 or somthing like that - doing the write checks etc. I'm sure it can be fixed.
  6. Before contacting Sony, I thought I would post here. I have recently aquired a Sony MZ-710, that needs a reset. How do I do this? Looked at all other guides here but to no avail. When the unit is booted, all it displays now is 'error'. Thanks, Oliver.
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