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  1. (sorry for double post) so i guess the only way left to go buy myself an MD is to buy it online? and most of the time, i'll have to buy it second hand?? =(
  2. does anyone know of a store that sells md's (other than the sony store??) it's because the sony store doesn't carry the mz-n1, mz-n10 brands.. i was thinking somewhere near markham, but i couldn't find a single store in Pacific mall that sells any.. Does any one know of a place?? Thanks
  3. bump?? =( if i can't find one.. i guess i'll start looking into MP3 players...
  4. are there any places in the GTA (toronto) area of Ontario, Canada?? There's the actual "sony" stores, but those are overpriced... i don't get why they price them so high.. seeing as how MD's aren't really "popular" anymore.. i don't get how they're going to get rid of all their stock with the prices so high.... so yeah.. aside from the sony stores in my area.. the only place i can think of for MD's is Markham at the asian malls.. but even those places only have one or two... does anyone have any suggestions as to where i may be able to purchase MD players?? (physical locations.. not websites.. just in case you didn't get that =) -Thanks for your time
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