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  1. Dave49

    Hi-MD Deck?

    Not yet. I am going to try to fix it myself. If I can't fix it I may try to sell it later. Dave Thanks for the update. Too bad there aren't any HiMD decks in the U.S. yet...if ever. Dave
  2. Dave49

    Hi-MD Deck?

    Are there MD decks that are Hi-MD compatible. I have a MZ-NH900 and have a lot of recordings in Hi-MD format and would like to have a deck that would be able to play them. However, I would also like to be able to periodically record from the radio without having to fool around with cables behind my stereo to hook up my MZ-NH900. It would be great if the deck had both optical in and out. I bought a MDS-JE320 on ebay pretty cheap, but unfortunately the disk that came in it won't eject...so the unit is bacially useless for me. Then I realized, I don't even know if it will play Hi-MD. I have been looking at MDS-940s on Ebay...will they play Hi-MD? Any help would be appreciated. Dave
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