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  1. These two items are still available. I put them into the thread together but for sure would sell individually. I'm also open to any reasonable offers. Lets hear from anyone interested. Thanks, Bernie
  2. Sony is in excellent condition, has all of the accessories plus foam windscreens for the stereo mic. Make me an offer! Also for sale: Peluso CMEC6 mic with one hyper and one cardiod capsule. Mint condition $375 plus shipping. Thanks, Bernie
  3. Thanks for the download, I somehow lost my software that came with my MZ-M100 and am glad I was able to get it here online. I see there is a 2.0 version out but I cannot use it on my Mac. The OS is too old. Got a question, why does it take so long to convert the files? I am doing a 61 minute track and it seems stuck on 11 minutes to finish for about 20 minutes now. I have about 15 discs I need to transfer and this will take forever. Any ideas? Thanks, Bernie
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