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  1. not mp3s. i only use sonicstage to rec CD...
  2. really? ok, i will have another try~ thank u all so~~~ much. Well, according to ur directions, i should exactly do as the following: 1 make sure the quick mode off 2 charge the rh1 fully 3 play--then stop 4 press nothing and wait 5 start again ... Am i right?
  3. thank u all~but I enabled the quick mode, play the thack, stopped, didnot press anything, then start again... It`s still song1 00:00. it didn`t work...T_T
  4. Thanks a lot~ I will try later and offer a report here. Hope full charge of the battery would help!
  5. you mean all i have to do is charging the battery fully,that`s all?
  6. exactly! sorry, my english is poor
  7. i just bought my rh1 last week. but evrytime i start the md, it played from the beginning of the track. i wonder how i could make it play from where i stopped the last time.
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