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  1. Sorry dont really understand what you mean?
  2. Here is a sample of this show my 1st one on MD Sample Of my 1st Concert on MD
  3. Thanks to everones help i recorded my 1st concert last night- Paul McCartney in a venue of only 400 people. I have to say i am very pleased with the result, if this is what it sounds like with a cheap mic and not on PCM god knows how good it will sound with a decent mic. All i have to do now is find out how to add tracks to the 1 long wav file i have now
  4. To be hoenst i hadnt intentionally bought the cheapest someone recommended it to me and i found one secondhand on eBay for £25 ($50) so thought it must be ok if that was the 2nd hand price of it. I will definately look into getting a better one once i work out how to use the mini disc recorder
  5. I have bought a Sony MZ-NH700 & a Sony ECM-719 Mic. I have never used either before. Should i plug the mic into the mic socket? What are the best mic setting to use on the MD? Should i record on PCM format and reding the manual it sounds like i will only get about 28mins on a 80min MD? Should i use automatic recording level or do it manually? I know this is a lot of questions but to be honest i am having trouble just working out how to use the MD recorder let alone all these other options Any advice would be appreciated
  6. Thanks for advice i have also found a mz-nh900 on eBay as well. Does the higher numbers mean they will be better or not?
  7. I am a complete MD newbie and am wanting to record concerts i go to in the future. I have already bought a Sony ECM-719 Stereo Microphone as it was recommended to me, but i am looking at buyinh either a Sony mz-nh600 or a Sony mz-nh700. Is there much difference between them and what is the one that is best suited to recording concerts with the mic i have bought?
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