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  1. It works, just at an incredibly incredibly low level. Probably too low even for a Mogwai concert. However, it works fine when going through the mic-in preamp. Will test the battery box...
  2. As I mentioned in my post, I have set recording levels to max. The battery box/mics combo is working fine into other recording devices's line ins...
  3. Oh, of course! But then why are my levels so horribly low on the line in?
  4. Okay, I'm having a problem with the mics and battery box. They work fine on the mic-in but there's not nearly enough attenuation. The line-in works fine when using a line source like a CD player. However, when I use the mics and battery box in the line input, it's impossible to get any appreciable signal level even on high sensitivity and the recording level manually set to max. What am I doing wrong?
  5. Yeah - I've read the manual. That's where I go the impression the auto music low setting would be viable for live recording. Guess not. Anything else I should know? The line-in does work, right?
  6. Are the automatic settings completely useless then or is that mainly to ease post-processing? Also, I can't get the line-in to work or is it just that I have incredibly low signal levels?
  7. Hi, everyone. I've just acquired an MZ-RH1 and have some questions of recording loud gigs - rock, pop, post-rock, electronic, etc. I want to know if anyone can recommend the best settings to use. I am using greenmachine mics and a battery box into the mic input. At the moment I'm using Auto levels on the music setting with low sensitivity. Is this a good place to start? I will experiment but for my first gig using them I want to be using the optimal settings. Any hints and tips would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.
  8. Thanks again. This is all really great info. Looks like I'll have to find a cheap unit on eBay...
  9. Thanks again for your help. I looked at the Rockbox site again and came to pretty much the same conclusion you did. Seems that the cheap basic players don't have enough power to make new Rockbox functionality worthwhile. However, the T30 seems ever more promising. As long as it will always record to 320 kbps, that will be pretty good. I've still got a few questions though. Does it have a 3.5mm line-in jack or is it one of the smaller mini-jacks? I can live without monitoring or no-the-fly control but how low is the lowest setting - I go to pretty loud concerts and have had problems with clipping before. Did you convert yours to UMS mode and did this affect the recording functionality? Finally, do you know what mp3 encoder is uses or how I could find out? Thanks again for all your help
  10. Didn't realise Rockbox did that. If some of the small, cheap players have Rockbox and can do that, it would be perfect! Can anyone recommend players which have good quality line-ins and Rockbox?
  11. Thank you! I still think there are plenty of people out there who want to record but want to use lossless digital formats cheaply rather than the expensive tape-based systems that are common. Do you know more about this T30? Why were features taken away with an upgrade? Was it reliable and decent quality (could the processor cope)? And finally, do you know which firmware version buggered everything up or which encoder it uses?
  12. It just seems really strange that there is such an unexploited vacuum in the market. It doesn't have to cost a lot to throw together a matchbox that can record to wav - I can't believe that nobody offers a solution like this...
  13. Thanks but I don't quite need that quality and I'm looking for something cheaper (without expensive mics, etc.) If you can get a 1GB mp3 player which will record to mp3 on the fly for about £20, surely something that records to a lossless format (and doesn't need to have tons of other features) should be available for roughly the same price?
  14. I was going to get a minidisc recorder before realising that flash-based mp3 players are often much smaller and can do good quality recording through line-in. Can anyone recommend good quality line-in recorders that can record to either high bitrate mp3 (with a good encoder), lossless wav or FLAC. There seems to be a vacuum in the market for cheap devices like this. The Creative Zen Nano looks okay but can only do 160kbps mp3. Surely there are devices this size that can record to FLAC or wav? Thanks
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