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  1. I did send a question to Gracenote about powering Sonic Stage. I am waiting for the answer now.
  2. Hi, thanks a lot for your comments and appreciation of my art. I am sending you a copy of some work.

    John Coltrane.jpg

  3. thank you for the answer. It keeps my compulsion at bay. I'll stick to Windows. My best to you.
  4. thank you very much but it doesn't work. I have OS El Capitan. HiMD.tiff
  5. Hi, thanks for your advice and patience. 1.What version of Sound Forge I should have for editing MD and is there any free version which will do the job? 2.What do you mean by decrypting ATRAC files? 3. When I'll transfer my CD into my hard drive through Sonic Stage, what would be the optimal and best format? 4."In turn this means you must learn how to decrypt uploaded files (OMA) using Sonic Stage" - is it complicated or rather easy? 3. I just got the Onkyo Hi-MD 105fx. I've notice it doesn't start the music where it was stopped like my other MD walkmans like RH-1. I can't find in the manual about this function. Probably it doesn't have this kind of memory like the portable does.
  6. Thank you for your answer. I have Sonic Stage. I know how to convert into WAV format why transferring from my walkman MZ-RH1. I never used Sound Forge. Probably it's possible to use Adobe Soundbooth or Adobie Audition 1.5 for editing. Do you mean decrypting OMA into WAV for example?
  7. Thank you very much for such a quick answer. I downloaded the file. I rediscovered my old Walkman MD's players and my old collection of MD. I didn't use it for years and forgot about my stash of this recordings. Some time ago by accident I opened my old box with it and felt in love with the quality of sound from Mini Discs. Do you think I am sort of delusional or there really is some quality to it? I just bought this used ONKYO 105FX from Japan since from now on I want to use it for my recordings. I am very exited about this project. I would like to transfer my CD, vinyl LP's and cassette collection into mini discs. I would like to know more about MD's. I know it's an obsolete technology, but I like it and regret that it's over. MD were so cheap at the end of 90-ties and the beginning of 2000. I guess you are using this Onkyo105FX. I hope you have no problem with it and you know more than I do now. I wouldn't like to do something wrong with it, so didn't use it yet waiting for the manual. I am an artist and I can send you a nice copy of my work with gratitude for this manual. I see it on eBay and Amazon for sale and somehow it irritates me. It's not a question of money on some level for me...but a certain attitude. Thank you very much again,
  8. I am looking for ONKYO MD105FX/MD133 (Hi-MD) English Manual...anyone...please.



  9. ...and by the way "It seems to me immoral that anyone should be charging this much for a few photocopied sheets taped together." I agree with you.
  10. I just bought used Onkyo md-105fx Hi-MD to use for my old collection of MD's...but there is no English manual for it. If you will be so kind and share one with me I would be obligated to share maybe some piece of my art with you. Thank you.
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