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  1. Hello All, I just recently joined the forums after reading with great interest over the last several weeks. I am happy to see so many people interested in the Hi-MD format. I primarily use the minidisc for nature recording (birds frogs, forest sounds ect) . I currently use a Sony MZ-NF810 and have had good results on my recordings, but feel I could be doing better. I have done my homework and read the reviews on the MZ-RH1, and feel this could be the ideal field recorder for me, but have a few questions that I hope others that own this unit can answer. First, what I like about the MZ-NF810: Great battery life in the field and the ability to charge this from my vehicle in remote locations with the 12v car charger. The sound quality is very good and the unit is very durable, portable and field worthy. The improvements I am looking for: The ability to adjust my recording levels without pausing my recordings. A display window that I can use in low light and totaldarkness recording situations. Peak level indicators that are usable (and understandable). My questions about the MZ-RH1 are: 1) How is the lithium battery life on a night (or days) worth of recording ? Is another one or two spare batteries needed ? 2) Is there an option for a 12V car charger for this unit? 3) Does the unit have an attachment spot for a wriststrap loop ? I know this seems minor, but it is huge in the field. I currently use the MZ-NF810 with a detachable neck lanyard. I have headphones for monitoring my recordings and an external mic from a hand held parabolic dish , plugged in. Dropping the recorder is not an option ! I Have had the MZ-NF810 slip out of my pocket and into the mud, before I used the neck lanyard. Lucky that this is a tough little machine, and just got a little blemished on the case. I am hoping the MZ-RH1 is as tough, if need be. 4) Just wondering what the carry case looks like that is supplied. I could not find any pictures of it. 5) Finally, I am interested to hear about the improvements in the new version of the Sonicstage software, which was a joke for the MZ-NF810. I use Cool Edit V2.1 for my recordings, and have had no trouble in moving my tracks from MD to my PC in wav form. Thanks for anyone taking the time to read this and answer these questions ! Best Regards to All, Bill Ruscher Rochester, NY
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