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Found 5 results

  1. I've got an MZ-N910 that makes a bit of a racket when the sled is moving any distance. It's generally fine if you play tracks through in order but if you try to skip from track 1 to track 15, for example, it makes a fairly unpleasant screeching sound. So, I think I need to lubricate the sled mechanism? I've ordered a small tin of Dow Corning Molykote EM-30L Synthetic Grease from eBay, which was recommended by @kgallen in another thread, and am currently trying to work out where I need to apply it. Ideally, I'd like to be able to do this with dissembling the device. Looking at the Service Manual, is it the screw labelled 161 (Screw Service Assy, Lead) in the diagram below to which I would need to apply the grease? I can see this screw (161) through the door opening and I think I would be able to apply grease to it without taking anything apart but not sure if this is the right part to lubricate or whether there is anything else I would also need to grease. Anyone got any experience with doing this?
  2. As promised in one of my previous posts, here is the trailer for 'The Field Recordist' which features some of the mini disc recorders, together with recorded tracks: UPDATED - HERE IS THE COMPLETE FILM: Best heard with headphones.
  3. Three months ago I bought a used mz-n910. Everything worked fine until the battery got empty during transfer of music from a computer (SonicStage). Since that moment the recorder makes sometimes a terrible sound when de laser-unit is moning fast. The most noise is at start or finish of recording or playback when the recorder tries to move laser-unit fast. It is as if the sled uses a wrong position coordinate and does not update this position in his memory During normal playback or recording everything workts very good Can anyone help me solving this problem? It is a beautiful device but with this noise i can't make a live-recording.
  4. I had given up on MDs since upgrading to Windows 8 from Vista, but it is still sometimes a hassle to connect my iPhone to the car stereo (especially when the Bluetooth receiver runs out of batteries) so I wanted to put some of my more recent music on MD for painless listening (I have an md player in the car). This forum has been very helpful in giving instructions on downloading and installing Sonicstage ultimate and drivers for my mz-n910 md Walkman on my Windows 8 computer. I could transfer music from CDs to my computer using Sonicstage (too bad Simple Burner is now non-functional), but when I try to transfer music from the Sonicstage library to the md, there is a flash of characters on the md side window, but nothing gets transferred. CDs were imported in open mg (ATRAC?) format at 256kbps and I have tried transferring to the md in various modes but nothing works. A curious thing is that Sonicstage shows 0 tracks and a length of 0:00 for each album in the information window of My Library, but the songs play fine when I click on the album and play them in the Sonicstage player. Anybody have any thoughts on what might be wrong? Should I try re-installing sonicstage?
  5. Hello everyone I've just joined this forum as you all seem very knowledgeable. I recently got my mindisc players down from the attic with a view to selling them but changed my mind after rediscovering how good the sound quality was over my MP3 players. Anyway I managed to get Sonic Stage back working then got the PC to see my player and happily made a couple of discs, but yesterday when I went to do more the player wouldnt even recognize the usb lead was being pluged into it. I've tried about 6 different leads but no joy. Please help as I want to put my new music on some discs.
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