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Found 4 results

  1. I'm using Sonic Stage 4.3 on my XP-Pro computer, connected to my MZ RH-1. The computer has several hard drives. Sonic Stage is installed on Drive C: The drive with my ATRAC files (D:) crashed. Fortunately, I was able to copy the ATRAC file folders & files from the problem hard drive, to a new location with folder(s) on Drive C: I was then able to get Sonic Stage running, and I can play the files and hear them on the computer's speakers. These files were previously copied from my MZ RH-1. I made these recordings. They are not copyrighted or copy protected. (I do not have anything purchased from the old Sony store that involves copy protection.) Today I have a new file on my MZ RH-1 that I want to copy using Sonic Stage, as I've done so many times before. On trying to do that I get an error messsage that says: "Cannot access the folder for sending imported files. Verify that the folder location is correct. From the main menu click Tools, and then Options. From the Category section, click location to save imported files. Verify the location (Folder) path" This showed the old location on the now disconnected hard drive. So I changed it to the new location on C: Doing that I get the error message "Cannot access the device to import from. The process will stop." So far I am not able to transfer the new file from the MZ RH-1 to the PC. I can't find documentation on this by Sony and hope there is someone here who can comment. Thanks.
  2. Hello all - my ancient Vaio PCG-8Y3M has finally packed in and it's looking like the motherboard is the culprit. The cost of a replacement motherboard simply cannot be justified in light of the other issues the machine has, such as its broken screen hinges [the screen is held up with a metal bracket screwed into the case with suitably small screws!), cracked case, non-functioning CD drive and so on. I intend to buy a new laptop in time, but I'd like to get a second-hand machine, out of warranty, with which I can tinker with impunity. Does anyone know if there is any difference between this machine and those of other brands, or even with the newer VAIOs, in terms of the connection between the hard drive and its caddy, or the caddy and the motherboard? Can I just plug the drive into any old machine, VAIO or not? The drive, for what it is worth, is a Seagate Momentus 5400.3, 160GB. These may well seem novice questions to the more experienced members of this forum, but I'd like to learn rather than go making silly and potentially expensive mistakes.
  3. Hello guys I have a sony vaio VPCCW1AGG model. Recently I get an error which is: "WARNING: Immediately back-up your data and replace your hard disk drive. A failure may be imminent.Press F1 to continue." When I faced this problem I have made a back up from all my data. I know that my hard drive will die in near future, So I want to get prepared for hard drive replacement. And I have some questions about that: 1- Has anybody replaced the hard drive for this model? Which screws must be opened? where is the hard drive exactly? 2- Hard drive model is toshiba mk3263gsx. That's a 2.5 inch Sata 3.0Gb/s. Can i replace that with any 2.5 inch Sata 3.0Gb/s? Because I want to use a 500GB hard drive on my laptop if possible. I will be so thankful if anybody guide me in this problem. Thanks mohma
  4. megisepic

    Hard Drive swap?

    Ok, so this is a weird question. I have a Vaio PCG-7184L. About a year ago my hard drive crashed, but I've kept the computer with intentions of fixing it. In the mean time, I've been using my sister's PCG-7133L. While the outside of mine is in working condition, hers is missing 3 keys (1, i, n) and she at one point spilled root beer on the keyboard so the screen has this lovely watery-effect going on. That was sarcasm. While I would really love to just buy a new hard drive, finances do not permit. That said, would it be possible to remove the hard drive from my sister's computer and install it in my old computer? If so, would it be possible to format the disk and reinstall the OS or would it not be worth the effort. If these things are possible, could you recommend a good how-to?
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