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Found 11 results

  1. So this has happened twice in a row now. An error shows up during HiMD data transfer. Subsequently SonicStage immediately deletes all tracks from recording group! This is unforgivable. The tracks play fine after the recording. I know this for a fact because I try to bleed the battery dry before connecting to PC (to prevent battery memory), so I play the tracks till the battery runs out. Is there a way to prevent this (would the write protect tab work)? Is there a way to recover audio that has been deleted this way, including the track marks?
  2. Just testing out various programs in Windows 10 and I have found these results from trying to playback Atrac3plus. The .oma files were encoded in 352kbps protected and not protected. Windows Media Player Classic: Protected YES Unprotected YES Vegas Pro 15: Protected YES Unprotected YES Audacity with FFmpeg installed: Protected YES Unprotected YES Foobar2000: Protected NO Unprotected NO (heard it works with a plugin, havent tried) VLC (heard it works like mpc but havent tried.) Winamp 5: Protected NO Unprotected NO Chrome: doesnt try to open it Steam: Doesnt pick up the file I'll add more programs to this as I do more testing. Might do Atrac1 292kbps if someone can show me how to record to that in sonicstage4.3. Probably nobody bothers with Atrac3 anymore do they?
  3. I have a MZ-RH1 unit , black, almost new, original box, in mint state, I used it for 12 hours in total. included are: 1GB HIMD MINIDISC AC charger 100-220V RM-MC38EL remote control with LCD and backlight USB CABLE SONY E0921 headset Rechargeable battery lip-4wm Manuals I could sell the unit at an interesting price and to somebody who takes good care of it. The MZ-RH1 is located in Spain, but could be sent to anywhere is needed. Nothing to hide. Here is a set of pictures taken yesterday, with different views of unit, package box, manuals, etc.
  4. hi i have a mini disc with EL Light display. The thing is that after six months without use when i tried to use it the display went dark, even with AC adapter. The display works (i can see only in deep darkness). Last time i used it, the display was perfect. And that is a device in NM conditions. Hope you can help me to fix this issue.
  5. So it's finally happened; both of my LIP-4WM gumstick batteries have died and will no longer hold charge. I see many of the LIP-4WM for sale on ebay and random places, but to my knowledge these are all original run Sony brand and are surely pretty old (bad news for lithium-ion batteries). Does anyone make replacements or equivalents for this battery? I dont care if its some tiny specialty place that charges $100 a pop, just would like to snag a couple of new ones
  6. I have tracked down and bought in Japan, some LIP-4WM lithium batteries for the MZ-RH1 and similar. They will be expensive after fees and import duties.I will price them after import duties have been paid. Please contact me if you want to buy one. RB
  7. Hello Minidisco Community- I'm seeking advice: now that my RH1 is starting to act up, I need to get a new one! But do I have to have an RH1? My RH1 had a NO DISC error that seems to have stopped(the error that is). I can play it as before but for how long? There is a good looking lightly used RH1 on Ebay right now for $550. That's not too much for me to spend on a unit I can hopefully expect many more years of life out of and enjoy so much. Having a HiMD unit means I can play my HiMD discs at any time. I'm hesitant to use my existing RH1 now. . . . There are lots of Std MD units on Ebay, and they're MUCH MUCH cheaper. But all my HIMD discs, and all that great music on 'em, become less accessible to me. As I see it, for portable use, I can: buy another HiMD portable unit and play everythingrecord all my CDs to my Sony JE520 deck(which makes GREAT sounding discs), and use either my MD-510 portable or another Std MD portable unit. Would require the purchase of a Std MD unit and a bunch of Std discs, which are still available and relatively cheap. Got any suggestions on the better quality Std MD units they sell on Ebay?maybe a more forward thinking possibility: use either SS or Sound Forge to record the CDs into a high quality codec, and play them either with my Sony MZ-E385 portable unit or another, better quality one?As I understand it, any HiMD .OMA files I have in SS cannot be converted to a Std MD format, transferred to the MD-510, and come out sounding as good since SS does not really have the 292 kbps codec in it- they get converted to LP2, correct? Thanx for the advice. . . .
  8. Hi, I got a question. I don't know mucho about the bit rates and transfer compression, but the thing is I want to record some of my rehearsals with my HiMD. If I get my recordings on ATRAC can I edit those tracks on my PC like a normal MP3 or WAV files without losing much quality? Thanks!
  9. A few years ago I updated the firmware of my minidisc HiMD MZ-NH10. It was during a update of Sonic Stage. During the update ther was a error. Result: the display of my MZ-NH10 always says "No disc". But there is no trouble with my discs. Now after a few years I fount back my minidisc MZ-NH10 and I want start using it again. Does anyone have firmware for my Sony MZ-NH10 ? Or another solution?
  10. Hi, I am a long time lurker, and really appreciate all of the hacks the regulars here have provided over the years - it has been really difficult to realise the full potential of HiMD vs those meddling kids at Sony. I am not really very technical so would really appreciate any help with the below. Anyway, my beloved MZ-RH1 has been well used, then recently wouldn't power up. It wouldn't charge, or power up when plugged into the PC. If it was just the battery then wouldn't it still power up / show some sign of life when plugged into the PC. I would happily buy a new LIP-4WM if it was definitely the issue, but i understand my recorder is now 6 years old and this may just be the end. Otherwise the LIP-4WM is just an expensive waste. so is it dead beyond repair?
  11. Dear specialists well I am new to using a forum, but I use MiniDiscs for more than 5 years now as a mini sound interface: For recording my band and meanwhile also for recording the sound of the work shops I am filming. Until now I didn't see any possibility to add to a forum like this, because I simply do not have the theoretical knowledge. But now I am asking you urgently for your help in my case, even without any input from my side in advance I used a Sony Hi-MD Walkman MZ-RH1, a Sony Hi-MD (1 GB) and a standard Sony MD (80 Min) for recording - both MDs were formatted as Hi-MDs in advance. Recording and saving of the tracks after the work shop went fine. A few months after the record, unconscious of what I was doing, I formatted these 2 (Hi-)MDs ("Menu" --> "Edit" --> "Format"), although the very important material from my work shop roll was still on them. I hadn't digitalised the material yet, but only right after formatting them, I realised what I had done They had contained the sound of the PA, on which the two clip-on microphones (Lavaliers) of the speakers were amplified. Now I am left with the sound of my directional camera microphone. In this case 10m away from the speakers, with an occasionally coughing lady sitting in the audience... right in front of my camera I did not do anything else to the MDs after that happened. So my question is are the tracks still on them? And if yes, is there a way to undelete/unformat/recover and extract them to my hard drive (at this moment without thinking about the cost that is related to this process!)? In hard drive unformatting this is possible, since the bits and bytes are only set to be overwritten when formatting a hard drive, but entirely left as they were. Since I read that Hi-MDs are encrypted, nothing seems to be possible in my case. TOC cloning might also not help. But I invoke all of you guys, if there is anyone out there who has an idea to what the solution to my problem seems to be please help me in this situation. The thing is that I only have 1 or 2 weeks time to solve this problem. Otherwise the customer has to live with a record for a DVD pressing of 300+ pieces like this. So "Help! I need somebody. Help! Not just anybody. Help! You know I need someone. Help!" like the Beatles would say.. In advance, I must say thank you a lot and that you guys are doing a phenomenal job in an area that should gain much more awareness since MiniDisc is a quite neat interface. Best greez - Melodo
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