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Found 5 results

  1. Greetings minidisc enthusiasts I'm very excited to get my collection rolling but I'm having an issue with charging the MZ-NF810. The battery it came with was leaking so I replaced it with an orange vapex 1450 mAh battery. I cleaned the corrosion off the contact and have left a faint touch of blue that I haven't yet been able to shift, but it's mostly gone. (Pic) The player works using the AA battery sidecar and plugging the AC in directly to the port (3V AC-MZR55, no dock) but these don't charge the battery at all, and if the battery had any charge in it straight from the packaging then it's not working. What shall I do? I've considered getting a dock, though it just appears to be a stand that holds the AC adaptor I already have. I'm considering getting a charger that holds the gumstick battery, but I think this might be a connection issue. I saw in another thread someone mention a tab in the battery slot they pulled out which solved the problem? Looking inside I see a little ridge that recesses when pushed. The - contacts at the bottom look shiny and clean. Anyone know the problem?
  2. Hi, I'm new on this forurm and I have a problem when my MZ-NH1 is charging. The Charging lamp does not work anymore. Has anyone ever encountered this problem?
  3. I have an Mz-M100, that works with when plugged in, or with an external battery, I bought anew rechargeable battery that used to charge, but I'm not sure if it's an issue with the battery door not making good contact or what. The battery is brand new,I only used it a few times. It's when you hold the cancel button to start charging, I see the charge symbol briefly , then it goes away. The charger obviously works, because I can run off that. When I 1st got it i had some issues where I would have to open and close the battery door several times before it would charge, but now nothing. Has anyone had this issue before, or any ideas on how to fix it? Nothing in the battery door, or contacts appear to be missing, or broken. Feel free to hit me up on my email or here, nakedlunch02 @yahoo.com Thanks
  4. I started a post asking why extremely dead batteries on the RH-10 would not start charging. I read on a post that if you attach a charged AA via the piggyback battery holder and use the unit until the AA is drained, then the AA will charge the NIMH battery enough to allow the RH-10 to recognize it and charge it fully. In regards to these instructions....THEY WORK FLAWLESSLY!!!!!!! Thank you soooooooooooooo much whoever suggested that!!! Sean
  5. Hello Ev1, I have about 4 batteries (all bought within the last year brand new) They all arrived dead and I could only get two to charge, one I had to play with for a bit to get it to start charging. It seems on VERYDEAD batteries that the RH-10 has a very tough time charging them. Any suggestions on how to get the other two to start charging? I have managed to get one of them to make the RH-10 display the charging screen for about 1 minute, then it goes blank and stops. I am currently sitting here and pressing the "stop/charge" button every minute hoping that it will start charging on its own. I will let you know if I have any success. I would be much appreciative if someone would have any tips on how to get the other battery to even begin charging. Please help and Thank You!!! Sean
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