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Found 5 results

  1. Hi Trying to record from my stereo to my JE780 via the optical cable but I get the Din Unlock C17 error as soon as I press the record button. Cable at both ends is seated correctly and is working correctly as far as I know. Sony suggests a "power reset" but can't find how I do that. Also, the Optical In doesn't seem to have a red light which I guess is the nature of the error; is there a simple fix for this? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello All! I just bagged one of these guys yesterday for 10 of your Earth pounds It has an eject disc fault which is down to the drive belt. A common propblem from my 15 mins of research! It plays a disc fine (seller demo'd that) but requires the unit to be turned upside down and subjected to a few bouts of "percussive maintenance" before the disc will eject My intention is to fix is as part of a fun project and I might learn something along the way. Has anyone fixed one of these or a similar one? Any tips/tricks to be careful of when embarking on this mission? I've seen a seller on ebay selling the exact belt I need and they say it's compatible for the JE770 so I will probably go for that. Apparantly most Sony decks used the same drive unit so I could find another broken one with a different fault and swap them over. Thanks!
  3. Hello All, I'm after a new deck to add to the collection! The two in my sights are the Sony JB-930 (or 940 which has MDLP) - this is a premium Sony deck and I'd be looking for one in black with the red "UK tuned" emblem. I think it also has a PS/2 port so a keyboard can be plugged in to aid MD titling. The Tascam MD-350 is a German made beast, which I understand was designed for long haul professional use in a rack - it also has metal gears inside to improve robustness. I really like the sound of the Tascam, it reminds me of a German premium car or something. The Sony though visually looks better and is probably more consumer-friendly since I don't use it professionally. It's just for occasional recording and playback. Any owners here of the respective models? Thanks!
  4. Hello, I really don't want to learn how to sell on eBay just for these... hopefully someone on this forum wants them and will offer me a fair price for them. I will ship them insured at your expense and package them safely. Both have sat in the closet for years with no use. I tested both units and everything functions perfectly. Both come with working remotes and I have extra batteries for the MD3. Had to start a new user on the forum because my old one wasn't function for some reason... sorry. You can email me at mick_t@zoho.com for more info. Thanks Mick Bonners Ferry, Idaho
  5. Hi folks, Apologies but I seem to have posted 2 previous and unfinished versions of this post too - merely trying to add tags... Anyway, I have a bunch of MDs I recorded on my lovely Sharp MS-701 many years ago. I want to transfer the contents to my mac via my M-Audio interface which features optical in. I previously bought a Sony Deck - the MDS-JE520 which worked fine when I used it but has since bitten the dust (suspect it's the logic board from reading similar threads). My question, as my minidiscs were all recorded using the MS-701 with its own particular version of ATRAC - is it important to find a deck that allows for the same protocol for decompression or, is this unimportant in playback? I read this piece below on the very informative page: http://members.tripo...s701.html#atrac The ATRAC version of the units is unfortunately not entirely comparable -- that is, both Sony and Sharp each use a proprietary ATRAC, (the current version for Sony is 4.5, and the current version for Sharp is 5.0). The Sony R50 uses Sony ATRAC v4.0, and the Sharp MS701 uses Sharp ATRAC v5.0 but both seem to be nearly identical in sound reproduction. The difference between the ATRACs has less to do with performance issues than the independent development of Sharp and Sony's ATRAC. The result is that the Sharp and Sony units make recordings with slightly different sound characteristics, but which one people prefer is more a matter of personal taste than one necessarily being "better". Any help on this would be gratefully received. I'm happy to spend a bit to get a decent deck as many of these discs are quite important to me. Many thanks.
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