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Found 5 results

  1. [ UPDATE: unit has been sold. Thanks! ] Selling my old MiniDisk player: Sony MZ-R55 which I bought new around 2000 I think. Kit includes: Remote control (wired), which connects to headphones. Rechargeable gumstick battery, although it seems to be dead. EBP-MZR55 battery case lets it run on two AA batteries. AC Adapter (US/Canada). Soft carrying pouch. Multi-language user guide (EN, FR, DE, NL, IT). Aftermarket carrying case (Optex semi-hard clamshell). 32 used disks (1x MD-60, 25x MD-74, 6x MD-80) plus four disks still in shrink wrap (3xMD74, 1xMD80) Some of the used disks are blank but most have music ripped from CDs in various mixes. Everything is in good working condition (except for the rechargable battery). Good cosmetic condition (slight wear on the chrome buttons). I'm located in Canada. I'll let the whole shebang go for CA$125 plus shipping.
  2. Hi all, Selling my well-loved Sony DHC-MD515 minisystem, in fantastic condition, original speakers & cables, though speaker grilles are long lost. This has been my everyday-use stereo since about 1999, though these days I chiefly use it for FM radio & AUX inputs for iPods and turntable. 3 MD changer, 3 CD changer, AM/FM tuner, 2x RCA In, 1x RCA out. 50+50W RMS amp & speakers. The marquee feature of the unit is that the front panel detaches and acts as the remote. I'll post photos if anyone is interested. Here's an informative link from minidisc.org: http://www.minidisc.org/part_Sony_DHC-MD515.html And here are a ton of pictures on google: https://www.google.com/search?q=sony+md515&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwipuZD-srbRAhXp44MKHT5uARgQsAQIKg&biw=1680&bih=926&dpr=2 I'm based in Texas, will have to figure out shipping. Thanks! Dan
  3. Sony MZ-RH1 for sale ! LIKE NEW ! Hi, I am now selling one of my Sony MZ-RH1 walkman, since I dont really need it (I have 1 more). It have been used MAXIMUM 3 hours, it have no scratches and is working perfect. Included is original package, manuals, remote and headphones (which has never been used). Original reciept is also included from Mediamarkt in Germany. I can post here from Denmark anywhere in Europe at 30 EURO, and we can use Paypal for your safety of payment. This is the best MD ever made from Sony I think, it plays and records all MD formats and is very very rare now. Grab the bargain. 500 EURO or best offer over 400 EURO. First come first serve ! These units go for over 6-700 EURO now when they are hardly used ! PS: Also check my other adpost of the Onkyo MD-133 here: Contact email: peter_marquardsen@yahoo.com Peter, Denmark
  4. I have a Sharp IM-DR80 that I'm trying to sell. I don't really know anything about fixing MD portables or anything with this many mechanical parts in it (I'm more about fixing smartphones and other solid-state devices that have no moving bits and pieces), but this unit is not quite... right. Currently (as of five minutes ago) the DR80 is playing discs beautifully. Sounds fantastic and all that stuff. The body is in really good shape with only a few small scratches; the worst physical damage is the small tab that locks the battery door in place has been broken off, but you could fix that pretty easily by replacing the plastic piece with one from a dead unit, or using some epoxy to re-create the missing bit, or (what I had planned to do) simply use some stick-on velcro strips to keep it shut. The problem with the unit is sometimes, whenever it feels like it, it'll quit working. Put a disc in, it'll give you the "beep" feedback, but the motor won't spin up and the disc won't play at all. Every time this happens, I've tapped the thing lightly-ish against my palm (flat against it, striking my hand with the back of the unit) and the motor seems to wake back up, spinning and reading the disc without issue. Once it starts working again, it seems to stay working unless you let it sit for a few days or it gets jolted around too much. I'd guess that the device has a loose connection somewhere, probably power to the motor that spins the disc. I don't really have the knowledge to repair one of these and since it actually does work (when it feels like it), I'd rather not sacrifice it to my own curiosity. I don't have the money to ask someone who knows what they're doing to repair it, and the four-poles headphone thing is getting annoying anyway since I can't use my UE600 headset with it (as the earphones have a four-pole arrangement for Left/Right/Ground/Mic rather than Left/Right/L.Ground/R.Ground) and I end up just using my Sony E520 pretty much 100% of the time, at least until I get a new pair of earphones. So I'll put it up here to see if anyone wants it before I toss it to the dogs on eBay. Please be aware that this is just the main DR80 unit and the external AA battery caddy. I don't have the remote or the docking station that came with it, and without those parts it can only really function as a player. Someone else who has a DR80 may want to make use of it, though, either for parts or as a backup main unit. I'm willing to either sell the thing for $30 plus the cost of shipping from Oakland, CA, or trade it for something. I'd be willing to trade it for new or used blank MDs (I can always use those), especially if they're cute or interesting looking. I'd also be willing to trade it for another recorder or player. I would be willing to add cash on top of it to trade for a player of greater value (I'd be especially thrilled to get my hands on a fully-functional Auvi portable player such as a DS8, DS70 and the like, or any of the Kenwood versions). Payment would be through either Paypal or Amazon Payments in the case of a purchase. Anyway thanks for listening to my long-windedness. If nobody has much interest in the thing I'll move it to eBay after a week or so.
  5. Hi All, I am aware that I am new here ergo no reputation , my purpose here is to sell my minidisc recorder/player , to someone who can make full use of the item, since I don't use the item anymore + I am unemployed so I am trying to convert what little belongings I have to cash. I live in California , San Jose area, and will be able to meet local interested parties. If you need more information / pictures just let me know I appreciate your help Thanks In Advance The MD player I am selling is as follow: - price : $50 + shipping. - Sony MZ-R50 - blue - with remote - with auxiliary battery compartment - 10 mini disc - mini disc storage box - no adapter - no earphone - not sure if battery holds charge, but it costs 8 bucks to replace. Images
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