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Found 5 results

  1. I lost the silver coloured lid of the battery compartment. Is there a way to get a substitute, I would even buy a defected player and use it as spare parts/replacement device
  2. Dear All, I've just rediscovered my MZ-RH10 as I needed to do some more recording. I also remembered why I hadn't been using it recently. The battery life appears to have gone down the pan. I bought a new Sony battery from the Sony shop here about six months ago, thinking it must be that the batteries I had were dead, but that still seems to have the same problem. I have no issue with getting the little 'charging' graphic and text on direct plugging in, or using the cradle. Sometimes it vanishes after a few minutes, other times it stays on. Either way, when it goes off and I try to play something, the display says I have full charge. This then visibly decreases over a few minutes and then the battery's discharged! Something else peculiar that may be related is that AA batteries seem to have a shorter lifespan as well. I've had a look through the forum but can't find someone with the same problem. It has worked, as I've taken the unit all over Europe when I was sleeping rough and recorded a lot and been impressed by the length of the battery life, What can have changed? Something in the unit? Thank you for any suggestions!
  3. It is in perfect condition, there are only mz-rh10 and 80min md disc Price: 265 USD, including shipping. but i without paypal fees. I can send it to worldwide with secured and confirmed paypal account. Also i've sony ecm-ms907 stereo mic: 50 USD for it 1 gb sony hi-md media: 1 sony used: it is priced 20 USD 1 sony new, unopened box: 40 USD
  4. Hello Ev1, I have about 4 batteries (all bought within the last year brand new) They all arrived dead and I could only get two to charge, one I had to play with for a bit to get it to start charging. It seems on VERYDEAD batteries that the RH-10 has a very tough time charging them. Any suggestions on how to get the other two to start charging? I have managed to get one of them to make the RH-10 display the charging screen for about 1 minute, then it goes blank and stops. I am currently sitting here and pressing the "stop/charge" button every minute hoping that it will start charging on its own. I will let you know if I have any success. I would be much appreciative if someone would have any tips on how to get the other battery to even begin charging. Please help and Thank You!!! Sean
  5. Hi Everyone, I need some help, I am trying to record a "Pink Floyd Live" DVD to my MZ-RH10 with the optical out from my dvd player. It says "No Digital Copy," which is fine because the disc must have some sort of SCM encoded onto it. My question is: why can I record CD's with no problem unlimited times to MD's with the RH-10, but not a DVD? I have tried multiple DVD players, I have tried hooking up an external sound card to my laptop with a SPDIF out to the MD, I have even tried hooking my laptop up via HDMI to my tv and using the optical out on the tv to the MD but somehow the SCM signal makes it all the way through to the unit. This is the same if I burn an MP3 CD, and try to play it with my sony 5 DIsc DVD/CD changer model NC655P, it also says "No Digital Copy!" I am kind of shocked because I can record FACTORY RELEASED ALBUMS....AS MANY TIMES AS I WANT from the same unit to my RH-10. Why can't I record audio from a DVD? Why can't I record MP3 CD's that I made...but can record copyrighted factory Albums? This makes no sense to me. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE does anyone know a workaround to this? I can record it via analog in but I want the lossless digital copy via optical recorded to HI-MD Linear PCM. Please let me know if anyone has any ideas...or can explain to me the concept behind this copyright protection. I don't understand how it works. Thanks So Much!! Sean
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