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Found 7 results

  1. Hello once again! I have a bundle of 17 minidiscs of various brands - TDK, Sharp, Sony They are a mixture of 74 and 80 minutes discs all NEW and SEALED I'm asking for 25 of your Earth pounds I am based in the UK but I can post internationally. Photos here: https://imgur.com/a/NrueW Thank you
  2. Recently I got a Sharp IM-DR420H to add to my collection. When I first saw this unit I was not aware of the 1 bit/4 pole headphone socket, and (of course) the seller lost the 4-pole to 3-pole adapter. I decided to buy it anyway as I didn't believe that connecting a 3-pole lead to my amplifier would make a huge difference. Some people on the forum said it doesn't matter, others say it doesn't sound right and you must use it or the unit may malfunction. I've come up with the idea to create a blind listening test between the IM-DR420H (4-pole socket, without adapter) and the Sharp MD-MT20 (standard 3-pole socket). Two songs from the YouTube Audio Library were used to avoid any copyright issues. How I did the recording; Download files from the Audio Library Use SonicStage to transfer the songs to the DR420 via NetMD in SP-mode Play the files on both devices and record on an external USB soundcard (Behringer UFO202), using a standard 3-pole to RCA lead Save the songs in Audacity to 16-bit WAV-files The volume was set to 25 on both devices, 'Bass' function turned off, and after recording I let Audacity amplify the sound to the default value it automatically selects. The attachment to this post is a ZIP-file which contains four files, two songs played back on each device. Please let me know what you think, I'm very interested! Any feedback is welcome. Sharp_test.zip (109.1 MB)
  3. Hello!!!!!!!!!! I know this is all about minidisc on SONY INSIDER but I want to break off a little to discuss Sharp portables. If anyone wishes to contribute to this it would be freaking awesome!!!!!!!!!!! Kind of in a rush right now while I am starting this thread, so I will post my info, reviews, and my opinions of them. "Sharp only" features and Sharp vs. Sony is a perfect example of my goal/approach for this topic. Participation would be really cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Catch y'all later fellow MD-Junkies!!!!!!!!
  4. Hello everyone, I have a Sharp MD-MT200 which powers up normally but when a disc is inserted, it says TOC READ but then "Can't READ u", followed the next time (after a gentle wipe of the lens) by "Can't READ a". Does anyone know a solution to this problem, to get it playing again? Thanks very much.
  5. I have a sharp playback unit DS77 and am trying to find it a good home. As you may know, Sharp and Sony both make great little machines, but they boast complete different music styles. This playback unit DS77 was Sharp's last generation of minidisc player, at that time made to compete with sony's MZ-EH1. Yes, that's right. Sharp MD player vs Sony HI-MD player! I was the one lucky to have both units at that time, frankly speaking, I can't say the EH1 sounds better than DS77. For those less informed with Sharp's unit, here's my summary (tested with Westone W3): Advantage of DS77 over sony's HIMD: 1. Bass Sharp's "X-bass" has much more power while retain the clarity of sound, while sony's low feels like absent most of time, comparative speaking. It feels warm and deep. 2. Transition among three bands From low, middle to treble, sharp's unit sounds more smooth while sony sounds completely separated. It feels more realistic than 'digital'. 3. Sound stage DS77's soundstage is wider than my EH1. Disadvantage of DS77 compared with sony's HIMD: 1. Less MBs on a disc (of course) 2. The treble is dimmer than EH1, on EH1 I can hear clear hiss in treble, especially in female vocal. On DS77 they are not so obvious. 3. The stick remote is not as fancy as EH1's MC40ELK. So here are the pics of this unit: Front Side Back (small sign of wears, nothing major) Accessories that come with: Ask for $250 OBO. paypal only
  6. So I have obtained one of these Sharp MD recorders but unfortunately the seller claimed the accessories were included and they were not. Without the dock I can't do much of anything with this (no optical in, no line in, no NetMD transfers) except live record via mic and listen to already recorded discs. Without the remote I can't do anything at all except play discs. Anyone have any ideas where I could find these things? Long shot, I know.
  7. Ok, I'm a bit of a tinkerer by nature which is fortunate since it's helped me resurrect some old Sony/Sharp portable MD recorders. I've also recently been working on some custom Li-Po battery/charger projects. While looking at parts, and listening to one of my Sharp MS-702 recorders, the battery died..well that sucks. I guess I could plug it in, but I had it in my cargo pocket with headphones so I can just get up and go. I've only got a couple of the batteries left that actually worked so I looked on E-Bay and it seems they are getting harder to find (i.e. few listings). The battery is a Li-Ion 800mAh single cell. I wondered if I could somehow rig up a external larger Li-Po battery for very long run time (i.e. more mAh's) I have one unit I received non-working, but rebuilt it into a good player, just never got the record feature working properly. I decided this would be a good test unit. So I set out with the following objectives: * As little modification to the unit housing as possible * Retain ability to just run off internal battery or factory charger i have a bunch of mini JST connectors laying around and thought this would be the best option since it's very small and makes tight secure connections. They are also typically found on Li-Po cells or you can connect your own. I removed the bottom half of the MS-702 shell to find a spot for the connector. Most places had circuits or other ports in the way, or required further disassembly. The best place I found was directly above the existing charging connector. I ran the JST connector leads to the +/- terminals for the factory battery and then super-glued the connector in place. I took a dremel with a small drill bit and bore out a opening for the connector in the bottom shell piece, put it back together and voila!! This thing runs great. I'm thinking about gluing a battery strap to the bottom of the unit (velcro) so I can attach a Li-Po battery whenever I want but not have to leave it there permanently. Maybe this sort of thing might help others out there too, maybe even with different model units. I've attached photos below showing the setup as it is so far. The test battery is a single cell 1800mAh Li-Po battery. With more than twice the mAh's, it should give me more than twice the run-time...we shall see.
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