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Found 2 results

  1. TL;DR Warning, this is gonna be a fairly lengthy post. Hi all! I'm new to the MiniDisc scene and am super stoked to be part of this community! I am hoping to seek to some guidance from the more seasoned MiniDisc veterans as i have an interesting dilemma on my hands. Allow me to explain. I have purchased 2 separate eBay items, 1 was a used non-NetMD player with 33 MiniDiscs the other a used Sony MZ-S1 player. Included in the MDs i got in the first package were a serious of Sony Color MDs, using my version of Sonicstage which i was able to install on windows 10 via this post : I deleted the old tracks from the previous owner using Sonicstage on 4 of the Sony Color MDs. My issue at hand is that when i try to write music onto the MiniDiscs, 2 things happen. 1 - All the songs list as only 0s (although I've started to think this normal) 2 - The list of songs listed as 0s begin to disappear 1 by 1 and i am then told by Sonicstage that it was unable to transfer the songs to my MiniDisc. On one of the MDs i was able to get 5 or 6 songs depending on how many songs i dragged over all at once. Another thing it did not let me do was write songs 1 by 1. To save everyone a lot of time i will list the things i have already don't, in order to help the troubleshooting process. - I have tried to change the file format of the songs which i transfer to no avail, as i was told that WMA has DRM properties. - I have tried using a XP version of Sonicstage on a virtual machine running Windows XP - I have tried redoing the process several times - I have also tried changing USB port to no avail Here is also a list of some things which might be worthy of note - The player is connected via 3rd party cable - I converted my music files from FLAC to WMA, MP3 etc. using an Audio File Converter called Switch - This is the only NetMD unit i have - I'm pretty sure the old owner of the Sony MZ-S1 used Sonicstage as well because he included a single Sharp MD with LP2 Stereo encoded music That is about i can think of that would be relevant to my problem. I hope my explanation wasn't too convoluted and i appreciate any help i receive! And thank you in advance! - Gas
  2. New to the forum but been using HI-MD for a longtime. I recently made a live soundboard recording of my band. It was one of the rare occasions when we all played well, the soundboard mix was great, and the recording sounded great. I went to transfer the file to my computer using Sonic Stage. I highlighted the file on the transfer screen to go to my library and bumped the delete key on my keyboard. Now its nowhere to be found. Can Sony Media Services recover a Hi-Minidisc audio file from a 1 gig hi-minidisc floppy? I know the file name and length in min. I've spent a day emailing Sony Media Services who told me to email Sony Recording Media and calling 2 different Sony India customer service numbers. The first rep didn't know and lead to a dead end. The second rep told me to simply fill out the authorization form and send it in to Sony Media Services. I was just curious before I pay the shipping if anyone knows if this even sounds like a file that could be recovered? Any other possible recovery tips are appreciated as well. I will certainly be locking the write protection on the disc from now on that's for sure!
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