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"TrProt" With A Difference...

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Mighty Owl

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Evenin' all! :grin:

My MZN-510 is acting up. when I press play on the unit, it displays "LINE" for 4 seconds (nothing in the line-in socket), then it stops. So, I press play again, and the dreaded "TrProt" message appears. mad.gif

I can only play tracks using a combination of 5 buttons on the unit and the stick remote. mad.gifmad.gifmad.gif

Its driving me insane!

Can anyone help me before I throw it through a window? Thanks for any replies! :grin:

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i believe at this stage your buttons are malfunctioning .. so they no longer do what they are suppose to do.. for instance when you pressed play the unit probably tried to write/edit the disc but because the disc is protected it couldn't so you got the TRprotected message now as far as i know there's no known way to remedy the problem other than to replace the board which host the controls or replace the entire unit. my advice .. :smile: get use to using the remote ..

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