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Sony D-EJ2000 vs. NE10 cd player

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Do you guys think the EJ2000 is better than the NE10 or vice versa?

well, the NE10 and EJ2000 are 2 different kinds of PCDPs. the NE10 supports mp3/ATRAC3+ whereas the EJ2000 is your conventional PCDP, no mp3CD capability. i heard the EJ2000 is a slight improvement over the ungodly EJ1000. if i were to choose, it'd be the D-NE10 because of that mp3/atrac3+ capability.

IMO, NE10 better than EJ2000

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Newer is not always better...

Sony's old-school PCDPs blow both these away in terms of sound quality. Enter Sony D-311 or Sony D-555. Both are exceptional units.

I'm trying to find a 311 myself...


You lost me. What is PCDP? As I owned D303 and D777.

D777 was the very first Discman w/ ESP 10 sec. protection. I always believe there is a design flaw, as if the CD is too badly scratched, the ESP won't work and my CD playing will just pause.

If the CD is brand new or not much scratch, it won't pause and is okay. And that's the way it was back since day 1 I bought the unit. I took it in for repair and they explain that is just the way the D777 is. The unit is made in Japan, and I am quite happy with that.

My D303 is quite good, all heavy type metal, made in Japan, but it is heavy. And I can only play the CD in a slightly vertical position or else the CD will skip due to the lack of ESP Protection. But playing it as a desktop is quite good as it has optical out.

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Throwing out the tantalums was a good idea.

Tantalum capacitors have some physical properties, which can result in audible distortions.

Standard aluminum caps have a much better linearity.

Tantalum caps should only be used, where space is at an absolute premium (hearing aids / bugs)

How do you remove the tantalum caps and replace it with whatever?

As I ended up buying the D-EJ2000 brand new for under $79. They allowed me to trade in a MDR-V600, they trade list price of V600 as credit, and sell me the DEJ2000 for their list price.

But the thing is, I got the V600 as a boxing day special for only $40. So I actually made money on this.

I'm very happy w/ the DEJ2000, due to the back light, the ultra thin and light wt. of the unit and the sound is quite good, but I'm using the MDR-V900 as head set so it's hard to tell if the performance is due to the headphone or the discman.

They did cut corner on the unit vs. D777. The D777 is soft leather, high grain bag. The DEJ2000 is a cheap nylon bag. They also kill the external RCA audio cable, but then I don't need it. The unit is made in malaysia instead of Japan.

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How do you remove the tantalum caps and replace it with whatever?

By unsoldering the offending parts and replacing them with normal aluminium electrolytic capacitors.

However, if your cd-player sounds clear and clean as it should be, you don't have to do anything. Besides, any work on it invalidates the warranty...

I would say, leave it as it is.

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OMG, don't you find that the sound from the D-777 kills the EJ2k? :wink:

Same with mine though, my D-777 doesn't play scratched CDs or CD-Rs well at all. :sad:

I thought the new one EJ2000 is better, but that's w/ the new V900 headphone. I have to sit down and compare the 2 CD player side by side.

If the D777 is that good, I should sell it.

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