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Help! 35Gigs of Sonicstage files lost?!?

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I apologize if this has been addressed elsewhere. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I have a VAIO NV170 with a 60G HD. 15G on C:drive and the rest on D: My OS froze up and I could not boot my drive. I had to use my restore discs to reinstall/wipe my C drive. My photos, music files, and videos were all on my D drive and are still there.

However, sonicstage will NOT recognize the existing database.

Any ideas?

I've tried loading different versions of SonicStage ( I was running 2.0 before the "crash" ) but nothing works.

Thanks for your time,


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You can safely delete the SonicStage database.

It is useless anyway.

Problem: SonicStage encrypts the files in that database and the key to that was on the C-drive.

There is only one way to save a database: Using the SonicStage Backup to backup the whole database onto a different drive e.g. external USB-Harddisk. If something goes wrong, you can use that backup to restore everything.

*looks at your mailaddy*

@aol.com ?

The AOL-Software is known for killing Windows installations purely at random.

I also have seen reports, where a harddisk died after an AOL-install...

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i was hoping there might be a back door. Thanks for your reply.

another query then, my friend has about the same music files as I do. If he does a backup to a hard disc, can I then restore that database to my new, virgin install of sonic stage? Installing his 40gigs of music in one fell swoop beats endless hours of going cd by cd.

now i am grateful i never threw away/recorded over my old SP md collection made on my jb920.

regarding AOL, yeah, it's a piece of crap, it freezes and crashes all the time. i should change - but along those lines/arguments everyone should be using a Mac. . . lol.

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