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Blu-Ray discs are definately going to take over the media business, they are far superior than HD DVDs in every aspect, yay for PS3. These discs are going to make way for 50GB PS3 games. That concept for me atleast isnt even fathomable lol I grew up playing 700MB Playstation games that made my jaw drop. Can you imagine a game created that will be anywhere near 50GB. With technology constantly advancing its kinda hard to keep up with it because the possibilities are really limitless. Already in development there are prototype 2x, 100GB blue-ray discs. These discs can record data up to 72Mbps! Companies everywhere are already adopting Blue-Ray products. For more information and what Blue-Ray has been up to this year at large goto


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It isn't the media, per se, but it's the wide acceptance of media. And for a media to be widely accepted, it needs... content.

A well known ancedote of how VHS gained its huge market over Betamax (this is probably aprophycal, but it gets the point across) is due the the adult film industry. Apparently, Sony wouldn't allow pre-recorded pornography to be sold on Betamax. And that, as innocuous as it may sound, doomed Betamax into the realm of videophiles, geeks, collectors, and the remaining professional use.

This could possibly explain why Sony Entertainment (over the objection of Sony Computer Entertaiment division) allows adult material to be published on UMD/PSP Media.

One could probably say similar things about LaserDisc, though I suspect the size of the media had to do much with its demise than anything else.

And then, there's the whole marketing issue, which probably doomed MD as a viable media here in the US.

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Good points, Damage, and furthermore, good topic Snacks.

I think that Blue-Ray (subsequently BR) will find wide acceptance with the PS3, and that alone for a generation or two before being widely accepted. HD-DVD will seemingly win the war at first, but the higher density and great flexibility of the BR medium will come out on top as more equipments become compatible with it. If they create a well-priced BR (IDE/SATA) drive burner for the computer then that could really drive the format.

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But then again, look at the past formats backed by Sony which had failed or never became popular (at least in the US): Betamax(superior to VHS), MD, memory stick, ATRAC.

Sure, Sony has plenty of "failed" formats, but don't forget about the infamous 3.5" FDD though. :)

We will see how non-consumer friendly these new formats will be (DRM, copy protection, etc). Another reason why plain old CD is still the format of choice for Audio. I wonder how popular DVD would have been if the CSS encryption was never cracked.

For now, I would go with blu-ray, mainly because it has larger storage potential (more future proof). With PS3, Sony will basically put a BD-ROM player into many households.

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Yea I think your right Kurisu. HD DVD will live out atleast for now because it produces the best quality. Could this leave us to choose quality over quantity or vise versa? With any market there is always room for two. I really hope this isnt another failed format because only good things can come from a disc that can hold 100GB of data.

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