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Epinions Review of Sony MZ-NHF800

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I just joined this forum recently.

If anyone wants to read it, I have posted a detailed review of my Sony MZ-NHF800 on www.epinions.com at the following link:


I wanted to post that epinion before I got feedback from others on the forum because I wanted my results not to be biased at all by others' opinions. However, now that I've got it up there, I would be interested to hear others' opinions and/or results in their testing of the unit.

Of particular interest to me is if you have reached the same conclusions that I have regarding auto level control vs. manual, and in conducting A/B testing of the pure digital files (now that marc has published himdrenderer) against files rendered through your soundcard.

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One thing about your review.. One tiny nit-picking thing....

2004/10/11 update; as of 2004/10/11, Sony still hasn’t published any free software; however, there is now some new shareware available that solves the above issue for Hi-MD users. The software converts the files from the resident file format to .wav format.  

My program is not shareware. It is freeware. The option is there for people to pay for it and make a donation... but this is indeed completly optional.

Afterall... Im a passive capatilist tongue.gif

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Which auto level control did you use, "loud music" or the regular one (whatever it is called)?  

I hold the NAVI/ button down for 2 seconds to enact the detailed menu.

I then jog dial to 'REC Set' and press the love button (I have another name for that button, but this IS a moderated forum). :rasp:

Under the MIC AGC selection, I use the 'LoudMusic' setting.

Under the MIC sens selection, I set it at 'sens low'.

I've done the majority of my recording at the Funk Box in Baltimore, which is a GREAT venue with great sound. :grin: It's a smallish place and I suppose they could probably pack 300 or 400 in there. So, the sound pressures aren't really high. I did record the Acoustic Planet Tour at Merriweather where I was about 30 feet directly in front of the left stack and I could have used some more headroom with my Soundpro's AT-853's through the battery box. Course, Merriweather is a venue with a pavillion and a lawn, although it's one of the smaller ones that you'll find...I think they have an 8 - 10 thousand capacity. Point being, only 30 feet from the stack, that's some pretty powerful bass and for the most part the setup handled it OK. I know the headroom is a function of the mics so the last paragraph of this post really isn't very applicable to the discussion.

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I noticed in your review you talked about backing up a recording before you upload with Sonic Stage.

You have the option of using your USB cable as a direct link to you computer to play back the file through, thus skipping a purely analog cable AND your sound card for a cleaner record.

All you do is open Sonic Stage, connect your HiMD, go to the transfer window and select the files you want to backup. Start your wave recording program, then press the play button in the Sonic Stage transfer window.

I hesitate to say this is a digital recording, 'cause I don't know if it's being decoded on the md or on the computer. But like I said, at least you're skipping the sound card input.


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I hesitate to say this is a digital recording, 'cause I don't know if it's being decoded on the md or on the computer. But like I said, at least you're skipping the sound card input.

Your audio won't skip your soundcard unless you use Total Recorder. All SB Live users should remember this because emuk based hardware resamples all audio to 48 kHz and if you try to record your creations as 44. kz, you'll end up having a signal which has gone through two sample rate conversons.

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I was wondering about this playback via USB. If I have a Creative Audio Audigy ZS 2 card and have WAVE as a recording option am I going through the soundcard if I try to record with something like Cool Edit Pro or the record "What you hear" function on the Creative Media Player? Do I still need Total Recorder to do this digitally without more transformation? It does sound "thin" when trying to record this way but I may not being doing something right. I have only made 1 attempt with the settings and recording,etc.

Thanks for your response. Here's a link to my card and digital input/output board.


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What about setting "Wave" as the recording selection and using that as the input on something like CD Wave or Cool Edit Pro? Will it still be the same problem or will that bypass the card? Sorry for asking such questions but seems like I might be able to learn something here :wacky:

I have downloaded TR but I have yet to give it a try. Hopefully, tonight. Thanks for the help on the setup. I am interested in this primarily as a backup to marcnet's HiMD conversion tool, the analog line in, or the Sony WAV converter (yeah, right :-)


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