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Community Spirit...Let's Support Marc better!

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Hey everyone.

Every day now, we talk about how great himemrenderer is and how it's been a revelation to our lives. In fact, himemrenderer has taken only about 6 weeks to become a part of virtually everyone's daily lives...not a day goes by in this forum without it being the savior to someone's problems.

There have been 19 THOUSAND hits on the announce message since it was posted only 6 weeks ago.

There have been 1300 hits on the sticky suggesting people donate.

And apparently only THIRTEEN people have actually donated.

C'mon, doesn't Marc deserve at least a little something for the effort??? Maybe a little incentive to continue to work this into something better???

After all, if he wanted to, he could probably have required a small fee for downloading it, say 10 bucks or 5 pounds, and everyone would have paid for it and would have been JUST as grateful and enthusiastic as they are now after getting it for nothing.

So hows about not just thinking about it but actually sending him a small donation?

Course, we could just ignore Marc and go back to conducting email campaigns to Sony about the software problems we encounter and hope that they fix everything and (chuckle chuckle) hope that we don't have to pay any more money to Sony for their customer support.

Wouldn't you rather financially support someone like Marc who, if provided the incentive, will continue to essentially work directly for this community, rather than hope Sony comes through for us? Sure, he's not in it for the cash, but why not give him some incentive to make it even better??? Only a buck or two will make a difference, I'm sure, if nothing else to show that you're grateful for his problem solving.

Hell, even SONY should donate because his software most certainly will end up helping them sell more units.

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Actually, its 15 now. Two more people have been kind. I just havn't got around to updating my site. Too busy programming and all that :smile:

Anyway. Thanks a dozen (and more) for all your support. I shall continue to improve HIMDRenderer in my spare time and provide as much support as time (and patience) will allow.

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Well I for one will donate as soon as I can get the program to work for me. And before everyone starts in on me I am the first to admit that I am not the most computer savey person out there. I can get the program to convert my file but after converting I can't find it where I said to store it. Will try working with it again and hope for the best. Peace and thanks Marc for all your good work.

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