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Sharp MD-DR77 / Stealth live recorder

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Does anyone own one of these units yet? I'm shopping for the ultimate stealth live recorder. I want something that I can plug a mic into or use the Line input with a battery box or mic pre-amp. I really want to be able to record, monitor recording (VU Meter) levels, and change recording levels on-the-fly from the (backlit) remote. Also, if it is possible to change the recording level on-the-fly (no pausing required), is that only via Mic In recordings, or can it be done with the Line In jack, as well?

Can this unit do all of that?

Thanks in advance


P.S. If anyone owns a different unit (like the DR80?) that can do all of the above listed things, please let me know that, as well.

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Hello. Please don't double post. I have deleted your earlier posting. You can edit your posts if you want to make changes.

Anyway, the DR77 should be able to do most of what you want, though I'm not sure about changing levels with the remote. Have you looked at the equipment browser at Minidisc.org ?

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Looks like you want the Sharp IM-MT880 (NetMD) or Sharp IM-MT888 (non NetMD). It have all that you listed. On the backlit remote you can start/stop recording and change rec level, however the VU peeks are on the unit only and the remote only displays input numbers. So to set it up you have to look at the unit (not backlit) for peeks while changing it on remot. Beside that nag it's a rocket for your trip. Dunno what it will cost second hand nowdays, I got mine MT888 here in sweden for 100 bucks one year ago. Recent price here are now around 80 bucks. I guess that the NetMD model are somewhat more expensive.

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