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Hi-MD Renderer 3.0 - OGG vs WAV vs MP3 vs FLAC??

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Hello All,

My apologies if this has already been discussed, or if I'm posting in the wrong forum.

Now that we have HiMDRenderer 3.0 (which looks great, thanks Marcnet!), and all of these output options to choose from, I don't know which one to use!!

I'd like to burn the resulting files to CD, but mainly I'd like to use the best quality possible.

Could anyone please suggest which output format has the highest quality?



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FLAC - lossless compression. No quality is lost. There is a plugin for Nero that lets you burn FLAC files directly.

OGG - while this might promote argument .. ogg itself is a container format. In this context however, we're talking about OGG Vorbis - another lossy compression method that is known to work better than mp3.

lame mp3 - as mp3 using the lame codec. Lossy.

WAV - lossless PCM, same as CD.

If you want to burn CDs of your recordings, and want the best quality, use either WAV or FLAC. If you're only going to keep the files around long enough to do your burning, WAV is the simplest way to go.

Remember also that if your original recording is in HiSP or HiLP, what you will be getting as output is decoded [to PCM and then to whichever format you chose to write to] and has already gone through one pass of lossy compression. Unless you have a real reason to convert to OGG or mp3, -don't-. All you will be doing is adding more compression artifacts, basically the 'modern' equivalent of generation loss.

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