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MP3 player for live recordings?

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I know this is a MD message board but you guys don't work for SONY so I thought It wasn't inappropriate. Okay

One more avenue that i haven't looked into is the mp3 player for live recordings. Has anyone does this? how is the quality for recording in this units? secondly? how is easy are these to upload?

what type of microphone do these machines require. I heard somewhere that these machines have their own battery and do not use AA. I don't see why they would do this?

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I am a novis when it comes to mp3 players with recording features. From what little I do know, they are not ready for the job yet.

First of the models I have seen don't have plug in power input, only line in. Any mic that are directly feeded are built in the unit. Prehaps it sounds ok but then you have to hold up the unit to record, not the way I wanna do my work. I think you only have automatic rec level on that mic also. Not sure for the line in.

Second is that they record in a (to) compressed format. Anyone into bootlegs know that mp3 is a no no, anything sourced from mp3 or wmv are treated like ebola or worse. Serious traders do freq. analysis on every show they get, if it's sourced from compressed you will be labled a "bad trader". And yes mp3 is quite easy to spot that way.

The only (mp3) player I think will do is iPod as it can record as lossness wave, however no mic in there either so a battery box is needed.

I think that MD are second to DAT recorders only so for all of us semi pro recorders, stand by your MD.

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Most of the mp3 recorders out there lack serious recording features such as usable metering, decent microphone preamps, mic plugin power (required by condensor mics), manual level controls, and the list goes on.

One notable exception [though I haven't read any actual usability reviews of it and likely won't actually see one for quite some time] would be the Roland / Edirol R-1, which is a flash-based recorder that records in 24-bit PCM as well as mp3 at various bitrates.

Recording compressed is not always a bad thing. Just make sure you use the least-impacting compression possible, i.e. 320kbps mp3 is fine for a first generation recording that will likely only be recompressed once after editing. It does depend on what you're recording, of course. Some types of music are more likely to turn up compression artifacts than others.

See http://www.edirol.com/products/info/r1.html

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