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Sold 10 Himd 1 Gb Disks For Sale

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Update: SOLD


My wife bought me a HiMD player and 10 HiMD 1GB blanks.

After filling them all, I decided i'd rather have a hard disk player, so I returned it.

I already filled all the disks and forgot to reformat them before returning the 600D, so they currently have a whole lot of music on them.

If you are into Queen, every studio album in LP2. Every Styx Album in LP2, Every Journey album in LP2, ever Police Album in LP2, every Sting Album in LP2, and whole lot of Elton John, Billy Joel, etc, etc. (For demonstration purposes only, you should reformat these when you get them..)

Paid $6.99 plus shipping and tax for them... since they have been recorded on, I'll let the lot go for $55. That's quite a deal. They are all less than 1 month old. I'll pick up the shipping (USPS) in the continental US. The items would be shipped from the Dallas, Texas area. If you are in that area, we can arrange pick up, instead.

If you buy the lot, I'll through in 20 Lucir Translucent Blue 74 Min Discs with individual cases/lables for an extra $5.00.

Paypal preferred.

Please email me at snathanb@yahoo.com You may get an email stating that I have spam blocking on... just ignore it, I'll still get your message!

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