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Vacations, Where Would You Go?

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Fat Tires

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I just booked a flight to Hawaii for May.  I've always wanted to go somewhere tropical...  Hawaii is pretty touristy but not where I'll be staying up on the North Shore (Turtle Bay).  May seems so far away....

Enjoy your trip Rumz. It'd be nice to be in a tropical paradise this time of year.

Nismo looks out his windows at snow plows cleaning his parking lot.

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i'm still hoping that a trip to S. Korea this year is still feasible; first things first is to get a JOB! Also, a trip down to California and/or New York would be great.

Try get yourself a trip to the North. Some dude I was staying in the same dorm as in Japan managed to get himself a trip to North Korea. It was insane in a "DIE AMERICA" propagandery not allowed out of the hotel by yourself kind of way, but he seemed impressed.

Holiday for me = shijo kyoto or oita kyushu.

Else NY but then I gotta fly AKL to LAX then JFK = long time, 22 air hours. Boring. Makes Japan seem a short hop to the South Island. Besides, it costs like NZ$3k to get there. Mtorheferukc!

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