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What Langauges Do You Know?

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Ok what langauges can you speak/read? What languages do you know?

If you could learn/speak any langauge at all, what would it be?

To start the ball rolling, I know:

* English (you don't say!) rolleyes.gif

* German (Well, I should know it... I did it at school for 6 years, but hardly use it that often)

* Also a bit of Latin, which will come in handy once time travel has been perfected.

I would love to know:

* Arabic, French, Japanese, Spanish & Hindi.

What do you know?

And by the way, just so someone can't be smart, langauges such as HTML, Java, php, C, etc don't count, at least not for the purposes of this thread, but artifical languages such as Esperanto and Klingon do. happy.gif

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native: german

english 9 years at school,

perhaps i´ll study it since i´m becoming an art teacher and need a 2nd subject to complete my studies.

french 7 years at school. was on a student exchange twice.

-and perhaps i´m gonna do french instead of the above...

some offensive words in croatian and turkish, but you can´t count that...bigsmile.gif yarak !

i like talking french better than english, but hardly ever do it (mostly on parties, when i´m drunk), so i´m better in talking english, also because i watch many movies in english...

-does anyone else like talking foreign languages on parties ? i´ve spent whole nights, almost saying no single german word(but instead switching around between french, english and schwyzerdütsch(swizz dialect of german, very tough, even for germans..)) pretty much fun to me..

spanish, or italian would be nice to know though. "survival"-italian is there, i was there many times, in the holidays.

thrilled about asiatic languages, but they´re far too difficult for me, i think... (or too 'far away', metaphorically speaking)

recently i´ve been thinking about foreign language idioms in one´s own language, as a phenomenom, a bad example would be "blitzkrieg".(very obvious where it comes from) or the french "je ne sais quoi".

last week, i was baffled hearing phoebe of "charmed" saying "gesundheit" which i wouldn´t have considered to be known by americans.

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