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Tuning Your Earphones

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Mr Sim

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Every model of headphone has a diffarent frequency response and every prosons ears are diffarrent. and every person has diffarent preferences in sound and the type of music they listen to

The greatist thing to hit current generation music players is the option of a customizeable Graphic Equalizer (my Sony MZ-NH700 has two custom eqs) Why is this such a benifit.

Now you can tune your player to work perfectly with your headphones, ears, and style of music.

However the most significant is tuning to your headphones. How many people don't turn up their player to full volume because thier headphones distort while their Factory EQ is turned on but now if you tune your player to work exactly to your 'phones exact frequency response you'll lose a lot of that distortion. meanning you can listen at full volume and have cleaner sound.

For example earbuds because of their lack of internal surface area are by design poor for gennerating low frequncy sound(Bass) causing them to produce large unmelodious thumps they are also a little too good at producing high frequency(treble) sound so an ideal tuning woulb be to limit the low and hight frequncy ranges

Low Mid High

___----___ Loud

___---- ----___

___---- ----___ Normal


Please note: to all you bass lovers who think my suggestion for limiting bass is complete ludachris realize that if you want bass then get some full or medium size headphones. Heck in my oppinion the only one good thing about earbuds ids that they are descret and that you can show them in your pocket.

if you are using full size 'phones feel free to set your levels to what ever you want as long as you think it sounds good. A good start I would suggest is:

High low range

medium mid range

medium high high range

Low Mid High

----___ ___ ___ Loud

----___ ___----

----____---- Normal


If your player has multipule custom EQs You can tune for either multipule headphones or music Genres. For example I have my custom 1 set up for my large headphones(the ones in my portrait) and my custom 2 set for some cheapo ear buds that I wear in english class.

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Guest tony wong

this thread should be moved to phones forum

personal opinion : u should have tried EX71 or EX51 earphone

as Sony is emphazing on it's ability for bass

another personal opinion : u'd better put earphone/headphone into the portable music category

then u won't be complaining about the quality of sound from these portable player

after all these years, the big brand seems to category music into home audio and portable music

in which portable music emphasize more on size(both on file size and player size)

and home audio will emphasize more on quality

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