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The Almighty "best Headphones Under $100" Thread

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I'm intrigued. Would you call these neutral-sounding headphones? I wish there was a place I could listen to these...

They are finally Home .........YAY some little good things have happened .

Neutral.............. I am having to reevaluate that term , In a quieter setting where I dont have the Background noise of the store , I hear a LOT more detail , than I was getting from the Yamaha's I normally use . These are much more efficient requiring less power , only 16 ohms .

Older discs , I can hear very sublte parts than I did not hear before , much more of what was going on behind the mixing board as the songs were recorded.

a very good Balance , from high to Low , ohhhh but the Lows ...... you FEEL them , for small phones these really reach down there , but not in an artificially enhanced way , Pianos , sound like your sitting at the bench next to the player . Separation is nice the sound field gives definate placement of everything

I had forgotten that I had a lot of points on my Yodobashi card ( they use a Point system here ) and the points cut my cost WAY down , so a Little extra money , and I was able to get them .

as good as they sound now , I cant wait till they burn in .

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Hey, I'm trying to decide between the Sony MDR-V6 and the MDR-7506. I know that you guys said that they are pretty much the same thing, but I read comments on that they sounded somewhat different? Which one should I get? The 7506 is $100 while the v6 is $75. Thanks.

Ive never had the 7506s on my ears so I can't tell. but if you pick the V6 I promise you wont be dissapointed, they are great headphones at a good price I believe...100+ on headphones seems like too much for me.

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I am using Monoprice MP Wireless Earphones, they are available at Amazon for $49. the sound quality is like a studio headphone and they are really reliable i have been using them for more than 2 years, I would suggest you to read this article before buying earphones/headphones. they explain very well things to consider before buying one. i hope my input will help you. have a great day.

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