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Best Recordable Discs

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I looked around and couldn't find this topic already, and I'm assuming it would go here as it could possibly help people "find" the discs that best suit their needs / budget. Many of you may say that the brand / style of disc doesn't really matter and that it's the recorder that makes all the difference. However, I've gotten my best results using the Sony Gold Discs:


I don't know if the anti-shock mechanism makes a big difference or not, since my unit is usually sitting on a flat, steady surface while recording, but it gives me piece of mind, most definately.

I also just bought a pack of these:


I have some *very* special events coming up soon that I want to preserve in all their glory, and these discs seem to be top-of-the-line. However, I'm a little confused as to the fact that they are the same price as the gold discs (see above). Are they basically the same thing? If so, oh well. I don't have any white discs in my collection and these seem to have a pretty cool look. And does anyone know what the significance of a "ceramic core" would be?

Okay, okay ... Trifle topic, I know ... But we all have our favorites.


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Post script or something I forgot to say:

Sony's Bianca blanks do not show scratches, because they do not use clear platisc. In fact they use a very thick white plastic on the front and on the back they use some color dyed plastic that is opaque and rough like a bathroom window. And so, I think they look better longer. And the slidding door on the disk is made of Aluminim. I think they are best bet if you want a MiniDisc to stand up to most of the damange a Disc might take from being held, dropped, being put in and taken out of MD's players, and even being stepped on!



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Because I record shed loads of stuff off of the wireless I have used and reused my MDs hundreds of times and have had no trouble with any make. Sony, Maxell, TDK, Emtech.....Even reformatting them for HiMD I have had no trouble with any of them.

If you look after them they should be reliable. I am paranoid about dust getting into them and keep them covered up all the time and don’t leave the machine open.

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