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Some Questions About Hi-md

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Hello i recently received my mznh900 and would like to ask you guys some questions

1- is it possible to record true hi-sp because in net md through sonic stage true sp was not possible.

is it possible now or is it just some pseudo-hi-lp like before?

2- am I stuck with only sonic stage in order to transfer mp3 files? (in net-md we could also use Real audio player)

3- why is my mznh900 lower than my old mzne410? it is an euro version and i did the code and set it to the us region but even then it is still lower than my previous unit at maximum volume

and I would also appreciate if you could point to me some sites with specific info about my unit

thanks in advance


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1- Hi-SP is Hi-SP. No "cooked" 132kbps files to make them look what they aren't. You can record on Hi-SP using the USB, analog, optical, or Mic inputs, as needed. However, you still get fake SP through Sonic Stage. But who needs that when there's PCM? (woot!)

2- Unfortunately, yes. But the newest flavors of SS aren't as bad as pre-2.3 versions. cheers.gif

3- I think there's a thread about that around the forum, but don't know much about it.

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